Jessica Johnston – 2017 WERock Competitor
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Jessica Johnston – 2017 WERock Competitor

W.E. Rock Rock Crawling Lady Driver Bio for Jessica Johnston

Jessica Johnston werock ladies offroad networkDriver of Record: Jessica Johnston
Spotter: Alan Woodson
From: Virginia
Class:  East Coast Unlimited Class
Team Name: Axis Fabrication
Team Relationship:  Business Partners

How long have you been competing in Rock Crawling?  What Classes?  Finishes?  New to the WERock series, competed at Nationals in NM and trail Hero last season.

How did you get into rock crawling and decide to go competitive?  What is your background? I am a welder by trade.  Been building an EMC car for King of the Hammers while also racing Ultra4 4400 class for Axis Fabrication. I am now branching into the WERock scene with the veteran team. Excited to meet new people and learn more about this competition this year. 

Jessica Johnston werock ladies offroad networkWhat has been your most exciting achievement in W.E. Rock Rock Crawling? Competing at Nationals as my first competition in the series.

What is the most challenging part of Rock Crawling?  Driver and spotter communication during competitions.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a good rock crawler? Focus, full commitment, drive, and passion for the sport.

What does event prep look like in your world? Car maintenance, Exercise to condition your body, Marketing for sponsors, and car hauler prep.

What does a typical competition weekend look like for your team?  Extremely busy, more tuning and car prep. Team strategizing and walking the comp. courses to pick lines

What do you look forward to at W.E. Rock events, past the actual competition?  Seeing all my friends who are usually apart of other types of racing. Meeting new people and networking.

What are your goals for this year’s W.E. Rock Series? To get more in tune with the Axis VW moonbuggy.

What excites you about competing? The new challenges with this style of racing. Its always different terrain and insane obstacles.

Jessica Johnston werock ladies offroad networkWhat is a piece of advise that you have been given that you have taken to heart and instill into your racing career?  Or, quote that you always remember.  "No amount of practice seat time will prepare you for what you will encounter during the competition itself" -Alan Woodson

Tell us about the rest of the Team that Supports you.  Define the roll of the driver and spotter in your team. We are a small team comprised of Alan Woodson, Owner of Axis Fabrication, spotter, and driver. Myself, as marketing director and driver. As well as several major team members who help with transportation, car maintenance, pit support, and who contribute to the overall comradery within the team. 

Jessica Johnston werock ladies offroad networkSPONSORS:
• Axis Fabrication
Comeup Winch
Yukon Gear and Axle
Miller Welders
DJ Safety
BFGoodrich Tires
PAC Racing Springs
Factor 55
JM Rigging Supply
FOX Shox
Trail Ready Wheels
Rausch Creek Offroad Park

Jessica Adds: Huge thank you to all my followers for their support!


Author: Jessica Johnston