Holly Erlandsen – 2017 WERock Competitor
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Holly Erlandsen – 2017 WERock Competitor

W.E. Rock Rock Crawling Lady Driver Bio for Holly Erlandsen

Holly Erlandsen werock ladies offroad networkDriver of Record:
Holly Erlandsen

Spotter: Jason Veal
Age: 30
From: Sandy, OR
Class:  West Coast Sportsman Class
Team Name: Team Doubletake
Team Relationship:   Boyfrend / Girlfriend

How long have you been competing in Rock Crawling?  What Classes?  Finishes?  This will be my third year competing. We compete in sportmans class and have finished second each time.

How did you get into rock crawling and decide to go competitive?  What is your background? Jasons love and passion for the sport is how I got into it. It has definally had a big part for my love and appreciation towards crawling. He starting teaching me all about the gears and technique on his first truck zippy. Then decided we needed a comp truck.

Holly Erlandsen werock ladies offroad networkWhat has been your most exciting achievement in W.E. Rock Rock Crawling? Finishing on the podium as a team. 

What is the most challenging part of Rock Crawling?  Judging the tipping point can be difficult at times. 

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a good rock crawler? Person who knows their rig, how it works and why it does what it does.

 What does event prep look like in your world? Before we head to a comp we try to go out as much as we can for seat time. Also before every comp we arrange my pillows and I get harnessed in and Jason will drill me on what I call "call outs" for shifting orders.

Holly Erlandsen werock ladies offroad networkWhat does a typical competition weekend look like for your team?  Lots of prep and concentration. We're there to have fun, and see our friends.

What do you look forward to at W.E. Rock events, past the actual competition?  Seeing other teams and their strategy and learning from other driving styles. 

What are your goals for this year’s W.E. Rock Series? I would really like to make it to at least two of the western series comps!

What excites you about competing? Everything, just being at a comp is exciting.

What is a piece of advise that you have been given that you have taken to heart and instill into your racing career?  Or, quote that you always remember. I always feel really good when kids get excited after we compete or how invested some people watching are. I love what we do, but how excited everyone is to watch makes it even better.

Holly Erlandsen werock ladies offroad networkTell us about the rest of the Team that Supports you.  Define the roll of the driver and spotter in your team. Our family and friends have been amazing with their support. 

Superior Off Road
Gitsum Motorsports
G-Fab Motorsports
BFGoodrich Tires

Holly Adds:  I'd really like to say thank you to Jason with out his drive and patience to teach me how to do what we do, I'm not sure we would be where we are. Also to my girl Kait, you are an inspiration when it comes to crawling, keep it sketchy.

Holly Erlandsen werock ladies offroad networkFacebook:  www.facebook.com/HollyErlandsen
Instagram:  www.instagram.com/teamdoubletake

 Author: Holly Erlandsen