Heating Blankets and Sleep With Your Clothes
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Heating Blankets and Sleep With Your Clothes

Tip Thurs Heating BlanketYes, really, I'm going to talk about how awesome a Heating Blanket is and how Sleeping with your Clothes can make your camping trip a little more comfortable.  If you are like me, I do not like to be cold, so I have found some interesting ways to stay warm while camping!  I'll reveal different methods along the way, but as many are preparing for King of the Hammers, which is typically "freezing" at night, I thought I would add this tip while you still have a little time to prepare!

Heating Blanket for Your Bed

You already think I'm crazy, but hear me out.  You come in from the campfire warm and ready to jump into bed and...it's freezing!  The mattress has soaked up all the cold and the sleeping bag or sheets are crisp and cold.  Throw a heating blanket on your bed, just like you would at home.  While you are running the generator in the evening getting ready to go to bed, have your heating blanket plugged in and on HIGH.  When it's time to go to bed, turn off the generator which turns off the heating blanket, and climb into a warm bed. You may not be jumping into a sweat box, but you did accomplish taking the edge off.  No more shivvering yourself to sleep!

If you have a inverter for your RV you can run a heating blanket on low all night without draining too much power.  There are also 12volt Heating Blankets that work great for the truck, trails and if you have constant power in your RV bedroom area.

Tent Campers Among RVs

12volt heating blanket
12Volt Heating Blanket (Amazon Prime)

Yes, you can do this too!  There are a couple sneaky ways to get power.  If you are going to be camping with a group of RVs, pack an extension cord and a power strip.  Plug into one of the campers near you which allows you to pull power to the strip in your tent.  Plug in your phone charger, electric blankey and anything else you need power for.  When their generator is running you are automatically powered up and charging!

Make sure the extension cord is rated for outdoors (good option here).  Power strips can come with USB  ports and make sure it has a surge protector (good option here).

Sleep with Your Clothes

What!  Now you really think I am crazy!  How awful is it waking up in the morning in a warm bed and having to get up and put on freezing cold clothes?  Yea, that takes the fun right out of getting ready for another great day in the dirt!  Preparation is key for this tip.  The night before, while you are getting ready to go to the campfire, pull out your clothes for the next day: shirt, jeans, underwear, socks, etc.  Lay them out in a layer of your bedding - between the sleeping bag, blankets, mattress, anywhere in the layering.  As you sleep all night, your body heat will transfer into the clothes.  When you get up you will have at minimum body temperature clothes to put on instead of having horribly cold clothes to struggle with. 


I have an onboard generator for my toyhauler and I'll be honest, we use our portable Honda Generator more.  It's easy to take, move, fill with gas and provides good, quiet, consistent power.  We take it with us on our tent camping experiences and RV camping.  It's a great investment into your camping gear. 

Author: Charlene Bower

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