Easter Jeep Safari – Alicia’s Story
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Easter Jeep Safari – Alicia’s Story

Author: Alicia Cooper

Alicia Cooper EJS Moab 1Last week, I was blessed to be able to attend 2018 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah with my amazing husband. I have been to Moab before during the summer months when the town is slow paced and not crowded. This trip was during EJS and it was amazing. I got to meet a lot of amazing people who instantly became life long friends. I got to meet Charlene Bower, Jessi Combs and Ian Johnson, just to do a little name dropping, LOL!

The week started with a wheeling trip with WARN Winches out to Crystal Geyser Trail and White Wash Sand Dunes. The dunes had to be one of my favorite spots! It was awesome to watch all the vehicles with us play on the dunes and throw up some desert sand. We also ran Flat Iron Mesa and Behind the Rocks backwards (Hunter Canyon) with WARN.

Tuesday night was the Ladies Offroad Experience with Charlene and BFGoodrich Tires. Alicia Cooper EJS Moab 2I have to admit I was out of my comfort zone and terribly nervous when I first arrived but it wasn't long and I was changing a 37" BFG tire by myself. The guys that were teaching us how to change a tire, use a Hi-Lift, a WARN Winch and a Pull-Pal were all amazing and helpful at each station. This made the experience even more fun.

Wednesday was a day my husband and I took for ourselves. We ran Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners which is an easy trail until you get to that spot where you feel like you are about to fall off the earth. The views are amazing from here. The Colorado River below seems so close yet it is impossible to throw a rock into it from way up on the trail!  Believe me, I tried. The Wind Caves are absolutely amazing, we spent a long time walking around them and in them. It's hard to believe all of that room is in there just by looking from the outside. It was gorgeous, another one of my favorite spots.


Alicia Cooper EJS Moab 2Thursday, we spent the morning at the Vendor Show walking around, there was so many awesome things to see. That night we did Hell's Revenge and Fins & Things for a little night riding. Baby Lion's Back gave me a scare, but we made it. My husband does 90% of the trail driving but he does let me drive some. I'll drive on the fun dirt roads and easy parts of the trails. Nothing crazy steep for me. I enjoy the passenger seat on all of the obstacles.

Friday, we did Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike and Where Eagles Dare. Crazy steep parts on some of these but totally worth the views.

I had an amazing time at the EJS 2018 and I hope to be back year after year if possible. I love traveling and being able to see this beautiful world the Lord has made for us to enjoy. We also rode up the La Sal Mountain Loop one evening of our trip as well. The La Sal Mountains are absolutely breathtaking.Alicia Cooper EJS Moab 5

We are from the East Coast and we have gorgeous rolling hill mountains but there is just something about those Colorado and Utah mountains that just amaze me each and every time I get to see them. We ended up as far as you could go in a vehicle and in probably 2 feet of snow with amazing views yet again. I had to stop and have my picture taken standing on the tire of our Jeep with those beautiful mountains behind me.

My husband is the one who got me into the Jeep world. He bought his '04 Rubicon when we first started dating in 2005. It has been a part of our lives in a big way ever since then. It has been driven across the country to Utah several times, Florida for Jeep Beach once, Clemson, South Carolina for Fred Perry and Clemson 4x4 Center's Poker Run a few times and so many places between that we would be here all night trying to name them all. Alicia Cooper EJS Moab 2We really enjoy our time that we get to just ride. We want a rig that is capable of all obstacles in Moab yet also capable of being a daily driver at times as well. That has always been the main goal in our build. Our son is a big part of our wheeling adventures too and he is just as big a fan as we are. If not more!

The Jeep world is an amazing group of people and we are thankful that we get to meet new people in so many events across the country. From the insane obstacles to the little country dirt roads at home, we love to roam and explore new places.Alicia Cooper EJS Moab 5 Thanks for an amazing week Moab! We are thankful God blessed us with another safe trip and look forward to more trips out west in the future. Have a blessed day. 

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