Driver Brian Wood Says She is a Rockstar Co-Driver of Megan Stevenson
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Driver Brian Wood Says She is a Rockstar Co-Driver of Megan Stevenson

Brian Wood Megan Stevenson KOH Ladies Offroad Network 1First off...WE FINISHED!! This has been a long time goal for Brian and as of about a year ago, myself too. 

We got home from the Fallon 250 with a spot in the big race. Our first priority: be as prepared as we possibly could to ensure ourselves the best chance at finishing #KOH2017. We tore the car down to nearly a bare chassis. It got a fresh motor from Ric Faucet, fresh transmission from ATO Performance Transmissions, I rebuilt the tcase, got fresh axle shafts from Yukon Gear & Axle, freshened 3rds from Fearless Gear Inc., new trailing arms, new sway bar arms, every inch of wiring and plumbing was inspected, new tires from BFGoodrich Tires, new wheels from Trail-Gear, and the list goes on. We purchased spares for everything we didn't have a spare for. 

Brian Wood Megan Stevenson KOH Ladies Offroad Network 1For myself, this was only my 3rd race as a co-driver with Brian and my very first King of the Hammers. I've done the majority of the prep work on the car for our last 3 races, with ZERO prep failures or problems to date. I can't tell you how shocked, and proud, I am about that. In less than a year I've gone from knowing the BARE BASICS, to being able to disassemble and prep almost the whole car myself. Honestly I wasn't sure I could do it, I constantly doubted myself and my abilities but with a little skill and a lot of stubbornness I am! Brian told me, "She absolutely kicked butt in the rocks and out in the desert. Between winching, spotting, gps navigation and keeping me level headed, she's a rock star co-driver." Talk about a big relief! Those were all things I worried and worried, and stressed and stressed about, but at the end of the day...I did it!

On Wednesday
we went into qualifying with our only practice on the course being a late night ride/quick lap around the short track that Bailey Cole gave to Brian. So we knew the basic lay out but had only one goal in mind, don't break or roll the car. We did that and put down a decent Brian Wood Megan Stevenson KOH Ladies Offroad Network 1time which gave us a 96th starting position.

The big day! Still going forward with the mind set to just finish the race, we knew the pace we needed to set. Fighting the temptation to go faster was definitely a challenge in it self. We stopped at every pit, every lap, to allow our amazing crew to go over the car for any possible issues. The race went nearly flawless. We had some vapor lock/hot fuel issues towards the end of lap 2 that cost us some time trying to get over the mountain and back to pit 2b for fresh fuel. After pitting there we ran into traffic on Spooners that cost us more time, working our way into Outer Limits Brian chose a bad line coming down and bent the pinion guard into the rear yoke which took out the u joint on the slip yoke. We had it fixed and back on the road quickly. A few more bad line choices and traffic on both Jack Hammer and Wrecking Ball proved to be a challenge at times. We both could tell mental fatigue was setting in with a few other line choices that cost us more time. Coming into Pit 2b for the final time, a member of Randy Slawson's crew asked us to haul a jump pack to him at RM113, so we made that quick stop to assist him to finish 50th. We came across the finish line at 9:02pm which gave us a 43rd finish position. 

Brian Wood Megan Stevenson KOH Ladies Offroad Network 1I have to give a big shout out and thank you to our amazing pit crew. Some of them have been around and helping us for a few years, and some were brand new to our team. You guys absolutely rocked it out there!!! We want you all to know we never could have done this with out you!   Dave Schneider, David Avila, Ryan Beers, Grant Forrester, Jose Alvarado, Chris Borowick, Jesika Borowick, Mike Murphy, Doug Wood, Dan Stevenson, Margaret Stevenson, Debie Wood, Tiffany Radcliff, and all the Dust Junkies.

To our sponsors that have been with us from day 1 to our newest that joined us for this season, we owe our success to you guys. Without your amazing support, our goals and accomplishments would only be dreams. We are extremely proud to represent you. 

• Yukon Gear & Axle #teamyukon
Brian Wood Megan Stevenson KOH Ladies Offroad Network 1• Trent Fabrication
• ATO Performance Transmissions
Rugged Radios
• Fearless Gear
Cansonic Ultradash
• Trail-Gear
• RB Welding
• Genius Tools
• Team 208 Motorsports
• Hostyle
• Ryan Del Ponte / The Redline Projects
• My Job Depends on Ag
• RP Strength / Renaissance Periodization
• Trifecta Nutrition 

Brian Wood Megan Stevenson KOH Ladies Offroad Network 1

Driver of Record: Brian Wood
 Megan Stevenson
Age: 30
From: Firebaugh, CA
Class: 4400 Qualified Wednesday Morning & Main KOH Race (Friday)
Car Number: 4477
Team Name:  Longwood Racing

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Author: Megan Stevenson