Brandy Southall – 2017 WERock Competitor
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Brandy Southall – 2017 WERock Competitor

W.E. Rock Rock Crawling Lady Driver Bio for Brandy Southall

Brandy Southall WERock Ladies Offroad NetworkDriver of Record: Brandy Southall
Spotter: Randy Southall
Age: 42
From: Chico, CA
Class:  West Coast Unlimited Class
Team Name: LetzRoll Offroad Racing
Team Relationship:  Husband / Wife

How long have you been competing in Rock Crawling?  What Classes?  Finishes?  2 yrs as a Spotter, with Wendy Nickel, Trail Mod Class.   3 yrs. as a driver, with Randy Southall, Unlimited Class.  Finishes - 3 second place, 9 third place, Series Finishes 1 second place, 2 third place.

Brandy Southall WERock Ladies Offroad NetworkHow did you get into rock crawling and decide to go competitive?  What is your background? My husband and I joined a 4x4 club Timber Tramps in Idaho. We went  snow wheeling and on trail runs.  We also went to the Rubicon and Easter Jeep Safari and enjoyed the adventures of outdoors. We have gone to several Rock Crawling Events over the years.  I told my husband Randy, "It would be cool to be on an all girl team", that's when he saw an ad that Wendy Nickel had posted looking for a Rookie all girl Team for Crawl Magazine.  For two years my husband, Randy Southall and his spotter Rod Heighes competed in the Unlimited Class and I joined Wendy Nickel in the Trail Mod Class.   Randy and I took a year off and teamed up together and became a husband /wife team and have been for the last 3 years.

What has been your most exciting achievement in W.E. Rock Rock Crawling? Most exciting for me was my very first time competing in the Unlimited Class in Cedar City Utah, qualifying for the shootout, going down the side of the mountain and finishing with a third place podium finish. You, Charlene, greeted me at the finish line.  The crowd was cheering and my husband was proud of me and competitors were giving their support. It was the best day!!  (Charlene Edit:  I remember this!  It was a crazy drop and she DID IT!!!)

What is the most challenging part of Rock Crawling?  
Finishing courses with out breaking your buggy. 

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a good rock crawler?
Patience, sense of humor, heart with attitude, and a happy competitor.

Brandy Southall WERock Ladies Offroad NetworkWhat does event prep look like in your world? Going over the budget and creating a priority list. Paying event dues, getting time off from work, prepping the buggy and fixing any broken or worn out parts, calling sponsors to see what support we can count on, checking over truck and trailer and buying spare tires.  I start eating better so I look good for the  Prep meals for each day and start getting excited to see all the teams again! 

What does a typical competition weekend look like for your team?  Arrive at night, check in, unload, check over the buggy, lay out items for the morning, eat lightly, grab lots of water, fill backpack with tools, give support to the other teams.

Brandy Southall WERock Ladies Offroad NetworkWhat do you look forward to at W.E. Rock events, past the actual competition?  
Meeting our Rock Crawling Race Family, BBQ  pot lucks, having every one get together share stories and have fun. 

What are your goals for this year’s W.E. Rock Series? Keeping the buggy together and listening to my spotter.

What excites you about competing? Taking a risk and pulling it off.

What is a piece of advise that you have been given that you have taken to heart and instill into your racing career?  Or, quote that you always remember.  "Believe in yourself"

Brandy Southall WERock Ladies Offroad NetworkTell us about the rest of the Team that Supports you.  Define the roll of the driver and spotter in your team. My husband does a lot himself.  Randy and I do get support from other competitors and our sponsors.

• LetzRoll Offroad Racing
• JM Rigging Supply
• Sparks Pro Racing
• Maxxis Tires

Brandy Adds: I'm truly Thankful for my husband, his support to push me out of my comfort zone.  Thank you to our sponsors and our Fans

SnapChat: brandywine488

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Brandy Southall WERock Ladies Offroad Network

Brandy Southall WERock Ladies Offroad Network

Author: Brandy Southall