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Air Down Tools

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Air Down Tools

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Sharp Object: The most common is ‘The Stick” and that is ok! Use what you can to air down your tires.

TIP: Use the counting method. Count to 30 (as an example), check your pressure…count again (20)…check your pressure… Once you get to your desired pressure you know your total number (50 in this example). Now you can do your other tires much quicker by only having to count to the total number (50). Double check your pressure and you are done!

Valve Stem Remover: These tools remove the valve core to release air very quickly. You can purchase a straight valve stem remover, or a more controlled valve stem remover tool with gauge attached (pictured).

TIP: Be ultra aware of where your valve stem goes and that it does not pull all the way out. You have the opportunity to quickly let ALL the air out of your tire ‘by accident’ with this method. Be careful.

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ARB Valve Stem Remover (as shown): CLICK HERE

Automatic Deflators: This option is one of the top on our list. You set the deflators to the appropriate tire pressure in your driveway. When you get to the trail it is easy to screw on your deflator and it lowers your pressure to exactly the number you have it set to.

TIP: In a set of 4, you can set them all to one pressure and do 4 tires at once, or you can set each of them to different pressures and do one tire at a time, with multiple options. (Higher: Dirt Road; Mid: Rougher Trail wanting additional traction;   Low: Rock Crawling;   Max Low: Recovery Situation)

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Coyote Deflators (as shown): CLICK HERE

Air Hose Switch: Most of your air tank’s fancy gauge based inflator tools can also act as a deflators. Letting air out is always easier than adding air. 🙂

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PowerTank Gauge Air up & down (as shown): CLICK HERE

Learn and Network!

Network'ing events are built so ladies have an opportunity to meet each other in coordinating areas. They are casual, fun and chatty. I realized quickly that just sitting around and talking 'about our day' is not what we are all about, so I added the opportunity to chat about offroading!  Each Network'ing Event host receives 2 topic sheets to lead a discussion about. This was one of the sheets that was shared!

We are now hosting Network'ing Events Virtually so you can join in online to meet and learn from around the world!!

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