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Bring a Friend to the Party

Celebrating 4 Years

Bring Someone New to the Party and WIN!

We have been building Ladies Offroad Network for 4 years. It is time to let our little secret out of the bag and let other ladies know about it...but I need your help!

We have put together an opportunity for you to win some amazing prizes while helping other ladies be successful in learning. That is your goal. That is my goal. Hopefully that is your friend or random acquaintances goal too. Let's give them this chance.

LISTEN ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Forward to 11:00 min
YouTube Link: Click HERE

What are you Winning?

DRAWING: June 30, 2020 on LIVE@5

PA20 June Ladies Offroad Network

  • Ladies Offroad Network Cooler Backpack
  • Teal Fluffy Hand Bag
  • I'm Not Just a Girl Dirt Necklace
  • Measuring Tool Kit

Bring Someone New to the Party

We recognize that there are many ways you can make an impact to let ladies know about Ladies Offroad Network. Most of which we can not track. You are going to be responsible for logging your process into a specific Wild Apricot thread so I can make sure everyone is accounted for correctly. 

Two Entries into Grandma's Salad Bowl:

  • Picture of you (obviously) wearing your Shirt or Hat in a Group
  • Significant Post tagging Ladies Offroad Network and WHY someone should join the fun

One Entry into Grandma's Salad Bowl:

  • Anyone that becomes a member in June
  • Referral Person to new member
  • Koozie post online or pic with group around
  • Member Sticker placement post
  • Talk to a person and introduce them to LON - need a quick pic with them
  • Invite a guest to e-Workshop
  • More Ideas? Ask and let's add to this list...

No Limit to Number of Entries per Person

Need to track via Wild Apricot Thread.  Must be a Member and post a simple explanation with screen shots and/or pictures.   CLICK HERE


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