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2020 Garage Build Takeover

The 2020 Change of Life

Yes, we have to be realistic about our worlds challenge right now. It is my social responsibility to not put us into a situation that isn't appropriate or safe. Therefore, we will be starting this Jeep Build project "later" than expected. Jeremy (Fly-N-Hi Total Performance Center) and I have decided to NOT put a new timeline on it yet. We want to wait until we understand our new normal to create a new timeline that Makes Sense where we won't have to change again. I still want everyone to participate as you were excited will just be in a couple months!! Thank you for understanding and don't worry........this baby has to get done and WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Thank you ~ Charlene

Details Start at Minute 56

Join Us!

Trisha wants her Jeep done! We will take over the Fly-N-Hi Garage for 6 weekends to create a unique build that combines a LJ and TJ - meaning we will have to work at making it work!  ...but we got this!!


When: 6 Weekends Available  - Come for just one or commit to the series.  (See detailed schedule below)

Where: Fly-N-Hi  & Ladies Offroad Network HQ 
             Phoenix, Arizona

Who: Ladies Offroad Network Members.  If you need to renew or join, please Click Here

Cost: $150  three days all-inclusive food, activities and gifts

Lodging: Make arrangements to stay at Charlene's House or a Hotel nearby

REGISTER: You MUST register ahead. Max 10 ladies per weekend.

6 Weekends of Hands On Work



Date - Theme

April 17-19 - Setup, Drivetrain

May 1-3 - Axles, Drivetrain

July 17-19 - Body Armor, Mechanical

Oct 23-25 - Suspension, Mechanical

Nov 13-15 - Interior, Cage

Dec 4-6 - at International Off-Road & UTV Expo  - Tires & Wheels Finish Work
Dec 7 - Photo Shoot and Go Wheeling!

Weekend Outline

- Afternoon Arrive Phoenix, AZ
- 5pm - Start Time
- Evening of food, fun, laughs, getting familiar with the shop, etc
Optional: Morning Wheeling Trip  (I'm IN if you are! We can discuss this per weekend group)

- 9am - Leave House
- 10am-9pm  - Work on Jeep Build
- 10pm - Arrive House

- 9am - Leave House
- 10am-4pm - Work on Jeep Build
- After 4pm - Leave Phoenix 


Special Circumstances:

Dec 4-6 - we will be working at International Off-Road & UTV Expo  
The Times will be significantly different. Will ask to be there to start on Friday morning through Sunday afternoon.

Dec 7 - Photo Shoot and Go Wheeling!
Would love the whole group of Ladies that participated to come and join us on the trail on Monday. 
Will do a photo shoot with the Jeep and get out on the trail to give the vehicle a test (and hopefully not have to do trail repairs!)

The Story and The Questions:

Trisha Jeremy fly n hiWhile I was shooting the Resolution Series at Fly-N-Hi I got a call from Trisha (Fly-N-Hi wife and #1 supporter!) - "I heard you are in the shop. I want my Jeep put together. Do you think that the ladies would be interested in doing a build?!"  Hmmmmmmm.  My first reaction was yes, but Jeremy and I had to figure out how it could work. We let his racing King of the Hammers settle out and then we sat down to figure it out. Our final answer - YES! Let's do this!

Do you need mechanical skills to help?  Nope, we have all different levels of projects to complete.  You will be taught how to do something and then set off to execute it. We will find a job for you!

Do I have to come for the entire weekend? Yes, we need you to commit to the whole weekend experience. We will be working as a team and want to make sure that everyone has that opportunity.  You do NOT need to commit to all 6 weekends, one is awesome.

What can you bring? I great attitude that is ready to WORK. They will be long, physical days. Welcome to the world of a Jeep build!

Let's make an Impact...Let's Learn...Let's Do This! #wegotthis

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