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2019 Ladies Offroad Trail Training Tour Continues at 4 Wheel Parts Locations Across US

Ladies Offroad Trail Training 5 hour off-road education classes continue through the mid-United States in September and California during November at select 4 Wheel Parts stores. These classes are hands-on, educational, fun and rewarding for both ladies and men. Every skill level is welcome to join, it is a great start for a new offroader and the experienced offroader will be pushed with pro-tips. “We recently broke the class down while on a midnight drive to the next location and were surprised when we counted over 85 Tips, Tricks and Tools that we talk about is a fast 5 hours,” exclaimed Charlene Bower, Bower Media and Ladies Offroad Network owner. Go to to find out when the class will be in your area and register.

The class is hosted by Charlene Bower, International 4 Wheel Drive Certified Trainer, and 25 year veteran of working in the offroad industry. Bower has multiple podium wins and has been recognized by the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2016 and 2018, upon many other accolades. “Her energy and jokes make the class go by faster than we realized while she takes time to answer all of our questions to make sure that we understand each of the topics before moving onto the next one. This was one of the best classes that I have ever attended,” said recent attendee Susan W.

Class topics include how to use a large selection of recovery tools in multiple scenarios including straps, connectors, winch points and pullies. Participants get to learn about the components of a winch and hi-lift, why you would use one, how to use correctly, and participate in hands-on activities with both. There is a lot of concept teaching of 4-wheel drive, lockers, sway bars, airing down tires, airing up and how to be an intelligent consumer as you purchase aftermarket parts. Charlene dives into the fundamental of tires followed by teaching how to change a tire and plug a tire, which participants end the class doing. All topics are taught at a high level of standard with industry knowledge included.

This style of 5-hour class coming to your town in a tour format will not be repeated next year. This must attend class is winding down on it’s opportunities to participate. Students have flown in to attend classes that meet their schedule, and we encourage. Charlene has not made her 2020 schedule public yet, but has released information on additional styles of continued education that will be available to Ladies Offroad Network members and guests. Go to to find out when the class will be in your area and register.

Wednesday September 4 Minneapolis, MN
Thursday September 5 Kansas City, KS
Saturday September 7 Louisville, KY
Sunday September 8 Nashville, TN
Monday September 9 Atlanta, GA
Tuesday September 10 Birmingham, AL
Wednesday September 11 Memphis, TN
Thursday September 12 Little Rock, AR
Monday September 16 Houston, TX
Tuesday September 17 San Antonio, TX
Wednesday September 18 Austin, TX
Thursday September 19 Fort Worth, TX
Friday September 20 Tulsa, OK
Saturday September 21 Oklahoma City, OK
Wednesday November 13 Riverside, CA
Thursday November 14 West Covina, CA
Friday November 15 Bakersfield, CA
Saturday November 16 Fresno, CA
Sunday November 17 Stockton, CA
Monday November 18 Sacramento, CA
Tuesday November 19 Santa Rosa, CA
Wednesday November 20 Oakland, CA
Thursday November 21 San Jose, CA
Friday November 22 Thousand Oaks, CA
Saturday November 23 Santa Ana, CA
Sunday November 24 Temecula, CA
Monday November 25 El Cajon, CA


About Ladies Offroad Network: Ladies Offroad Network is dedicated to supporting all offroad ladies by guiding, educating, and motivating them to achieve their goals. Whether you are a driver, co-driver, racer, passenger, mother, business owner, worker, or hobbyist, you are welcome to join the Network. We aim to meet the needs of every lady who loves offroad by providing a space to learn more about offroad sports, chat with other ladies from around the world, and share stories with a community that has the same passion. The Network consists of an informational website, conversational forum, fun Facebook group and hands-on interactive events. Members are across the United States and Canada with Chapters opening in multiple locations. Founded by Bower Media’s Charlene Bower in 2016.




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