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Ladies Offroad Network at Crandon 2019

Calling All Crandon Ladies!

Please take time during your Crandon Race Weekend to come and visit with us!

Saturday 8-10am at the Upstairs Barn Area normally closed to VIP is open to you!!

Sunday 8-10am at the Ladies Offroad Motorhome in Camping Area Site I-31*

Ladies Offroad Fuel Up is our morning social that revolve around FREE Coffee, Tea and Goodies...and of course you get a Teal Koozie. Come meet other amazing offroad ladies just like yourself. Learn more about Ladies Offroad Network and the offroad Education that is available to you.

If you become a LON member while we are at Crandon, you get a Limited Edition Ladies Offroad Tshirt!!

Everyone is WELCOME and Encouraged to Drop by and Visit!

VIP Access - Members Only

There are benefits to being a member!

We have arranged two VIP Opportunities for you!

Friday 3-5pm    -> VIP Pit Tour

Join Charlene for a very special Pit Tour to meet the drivers and get a behind scenes look at what it takes to race the 50th Crandon International Race! You will meet a wide selection of drivers and take a few minutes to understand their cars.  Ask some questions, learn some race concepts, take some pictures and away we go to the next pit!  Fast paced...lot's to see!

Saturday 3-5pm  -> Barn Tour and Track View

Join Charlene for a very special Barn and Track Tour. You will get a behind the scenes look at the Barn that has 50 years of Crandon History. You will get to see the track from a different view than ever before - and who knows who you will meet along the way... 


* GUEST can only be a significant other or daughter/son of member.  Must add name to registration.

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