Top 3 Cool Offroad RC Cars for Beginners
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Top 3 Cool Offroad RC Cars for Beginners

Author: Jen Dowal

Top 3 Cool Offroad RC CarsAre you in the market for a brand new RC vehicle? If so, you want something which can handle almost everything. I would, therefore, advise that you look at some of the amazing off-road remote controlled trucks and cars. These models can go anywhere you want and can survive even in harsh weather conditions.

These cars are made to fit every woman’s needs. I found that they have a simple technology that helps in areas such as maneuverability, the ability to move across different terrains easily and of course durability. I know that as a lady, the process of getting a good RC off-road car is a bit challenging. So, here’s my list of the best three off-road remote control vehicles!

1. Vaterra 01003 Rock Buggy

Vaterra 01003 Rock Buggy
Well, I can’t go further without mentioning the Vaterra 01003 rock buggy. It comes with maybe one of the most aggressive styles of today. Its unique look is what makes me separate it from other off-roads and probably why it’s one of the RC rank best rated cars. For instance, Vaterra displaces its suspension to cover it with the lid of the body. However, other buggy models in the market like to fix their suspensions towards the side of the frame.

It’s engineered with a full waterproof servo with sufficient torque for tackling almost any type of terrain. It’s ideal for ladies who love to keep their remote control cars on all wheels while moving past different barriers. Also, the car has good traction all the time because its main weight is all at the front. With completely waterproof electronics, speed, control and 1.9 inch-sized tires, here is a true off-road beast!

What I Liked About The Car:
4x4 Drivetrain
1.9 Inch Wheels
The hidden suspension!
Aggressive piece of styling
Fully waterproof electronics
Servo found under the frame for better traction!

What I Didn’t Like:
Its size is a bit small
Its small size means that you’ll have to get exact parts while replacing the damaged ones.

2. The Rock Racer: Axial Wraith Spawn

Axial Wraith Spawn
Here is the first hybrid car on my list. It’s a new buggy that goes through barriers with ease. It comes with bulletproof axles that handle even the toughest trails. Also, it has 2.2-inch tires which tear and grip all types of surfaces.

I love that it has a complete tube frame that covers the entire body. Its attention to detail makes it stand out from the other two cars on my list. Although it has a partially waterproof system, it quickly makes up for this with other features such as a versatile crawl capability, dual slipper clutch, and off-center as well as fantastic axle design!

So, What Did I Like About It:
Of course, it’s attractive car design
Filled shocks
Its full tube car frame design which is quite authentic

However, I did not like:
It is a partially waterproof system
Lack of features such as a charger, battery, or AA batteries for your controller

3. Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless Model

Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless Model
The third off-road beast on my list is the E-Maxx Brushless model from Traxxas. You’ll find that it comes with a high motor power of 2200kv that causes a storm once it starts moving. If you’re a lady who loves speed, then this is your best choice. Even so, I was not impressed with its unaggressive styling. However, I later learned that Traxxas did this to reduce the weight needed while climbing steep inclines.

You also need to know that it has good waterproof electronics and management features. Such means that if you’re an adventurous lady, you can take the car anywhere you want. Besides, it has a self-righting feature that will help you get out of trouble if, let's say, your car overturned!

It comes with seven cell batteries to give you a car with impressive speed and general performance. As a beginner, you get the chance of starting small and then working your way up depending on your level of experience.

I Loved Some Features Such As:
Self-righting to help you when your car has turned upside down!
Little weight to help it in climbing rocks with ease
Fantastic stability management
Completely waterproof electronics
Separate Battery Compatibility Options
Customization of user operating levels and difficulties

A Few Discouraging Features:
Running accessories such as batteries should be bought separately
I noticed it’s even more expensive once compared to other advanced Traxxas models with additional features.

After looking at the above models, you now have a head start when it comes to choosing the best RC off-road car. Keep in mind that, as a lady, you want a car that is attractive and has remarkable performance.

Author: Jen Dowal

Jen Dowal is a leading blogger and social writer on all matters touching on RC cars. She’s written a couple of interesting posts to help you get the best deals once you decide to go shopping for remote control vehicles. She is also a member of the British Radio Car Association (BRCA) which helps RC lovers to continue enjoying a fun experience!