Team Jucy Road to the Rebelle Rally
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Team Jucy Road to the Rebelle Rally

Author: Katy Kunkel

Team Juicy-LON ContentTeam Jucy (#teamjucy) has been working hard getting ready for the 2017 Rebelle Rally. Team Jucy is the first kiwi team to enter into the Rebelle Rally. New Zealanders Katy Kunkel and Frances Clarke love to get in and out of trouble together. The duo has been keeping a colorful and hilarious record of their (mis)adventures as they train and prepare for this year's Rebelle Rally on their blog. 

Frances and Katy give their readers an intimate look at the challenges they have faced in their training so far, why they decided to come to America to compete, and the extreme amounts of prepping that go into getting ready for an overlanding/navigation venture like the Rebelle.


Though they are rookie Rebelles, Frances and Katy have taken on the challenge head first: "Recovery gear is piling up. Camping gear packed.  Favorite snacks and good coffee on order. Navigation practice still inching along. Team calls to NZ becoming more frequent." The countdown has officially begun as the trek to San Diego is underway this week. As they stated in their Q & A blog post, the team describes their race attitude as "full of naive enthusiasm"! 

Read about their road to the Rebelle on their hilarious blog:

Or follow their adventure:

Author: Katy Kunkel