Second Annual PTR Fall Classic
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Second Annual PTR Fall Classic

Author: Makayla Holstein

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Mark Ramsey of Sandpoint, Idaho helping his Co-Dawg pull winch line showing that you don't have to be the fastest you just have to finish

Mountain Mafia Entertainment has once again filled the trails at the Purcell Trench Ranch (PTR) with the sights and sounds of horsepower. This unique event hosted guests from all over the Pacific Northwest who participated in a series of different events. All guests and racers were welcome at the PTR Fall Classic, from beginners to fully built buggies, whether wanting to take part in open wheeling on the 90 acre ranch featuring a slick wall, the crawl field, and a massive three acre mud arena, this event does not disappoint any level of driver. Besides being able to partake in the benefits of open wheeling at PTR, the day never got boring with a Rock Crawl Race Event, the Northwest Mud Racers Associations (NMRA) year-end race, and the Hill N Hole jump track.

Over the two day Rock Crawl Race Event, competitors competed in 3 different tire size classes; 41-44 inch, 36-40 inch, and 35 inch and under. The big tire class (41-44") was taken with a two day combined time of 5 minutes and 20 seconds by Levi Pankratz, of Post Falls, Idaho. Al Rhodes, with an impressive show of speed and

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Josh Figgins of Bonners Ferry, Id blew a bead on course but still finished 2nd in the 41-44" class.

driver skill, took the 36-40” class with a combined time of 5 minutes and 9 seconds. However, Mark Ramsey of Sandpoint, Idaho caught the crowd’s attention on day one, due to having multiple mechanical failures which carried over to day two when he clenched a third place finish on three wheels. There is a time limit on the course and with sheer determination Mark Ramsey finished the course with 10 seconds to spare. Gabe Wells won the 35 and under tire size class with a combined time of 11 minutes and 48 seconds, no small task considering some of the rocks on course were bigger than his tires.

The Northwest Mud Racers Association (NMRA) had its last race of 2017 at the Fall Classic this past weekend. Drivers battled it out for those last minute points to help secure their standings for the season. The NMRA hosts six different classes; the 100 class (4cly-6cly), the 400 or superstock class, 500 class or the sportsman class, 600 class known as the modified class, the 800 open class, and the 1000 mega truck class. The year end results are as follows; the 100 class was won by Sean Peiffer of Kennewick, Wa, the 400 class was taken by Llyod Standish with Hogwash Racing, Jeff Thomas of Athol, Idaho took the title in the 500 class, Shelby Werner in her rig Mudstock from Meridian,

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Levi Pankratz won the Big Tire Class for the two day Rock Race.

Idaho won the 600 class, Jimmy Smith placed first in the 800 class, and the year end 1000 class winner was Mason Grant. There is nothing better than sitting back and taking in the smell of nitrous as big trucks drag race through the mud.

The Purcell Trench Ranch is every off-roaders dream, think of Area BFE in Moab, Ut but tucked away in the beautiful mountains of Idaho. Located between mile markers 518 and 519 on the east side of Highway 95. Bonners Ferry, ID is only 11 miles south of the ranch. The atmosphere created by the Mountain Mafia crew is one that is welcoming and family friendly. It is very rare to go to an event and instantly feel like family. Mountain Mafia is known for hosting Mountain Havoc, annually on the first weekend of June, where the top 20 trucks go head to head during a spectator only event full of big thrills. Mountain Havoc is a must see event for anyone into off roading. Watching others have

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Will Mahoney in his Suzuki Samurai named "Lil Daddy Short Stroke" Will was awarded the sportsmanship award at this year-s 2017 Fall Classic.

fun may not be fun for everyone, which is where Mountain Mafia’s many other events come into play. With events happening during the spring, summer and fall, many of which include open wheeling, the Mountain Mafia Team make their events a bucket list experience.

From the hospitality to the world class facility, Purcell Trench Ranch and Mountain Mafia Entertainment do not disappoint. Mountain Mafia Entertainment is constantly working to better the facility and have something for everyone. From side by sides to fully built trucks and those in between you will be sure to not only find some of the best wheeling available in the Northwest but you will also meet new people that have the same passion as you. If you have been wanting to get out and see new places but haven’t been sure where to go and what to do, follow Mountain Mafia Entertainment on Facebook or check out their website here. Mountain Mafia Entertainment hosts family friendly events at PTR that help encourage responsible wheeling all while having the best time possible.


Author: Makayla Holstein