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Offroad Fitness

Author: Marbella Spata

Marbella.Spata-LONconentHave you ever actually thought about how off-roading and fitness are similar to each other?

In off-roading, you are sitting in a seat and steering your way to your off-road adventure. Some shift gears with a clutch and others have an automatic transmission. Most off-roaders get dirty from dirt and sand, while others get really muddy. We all have to figure what line we need to take on the trails, and sometimes you have to get out of your rig to winch yourself out of trouble or help  out a fellow off-roader. Other times, you act as leader by being everyone’s spotter; which requires you to climb rocks and/or walk/run up a hill to get into a safe spot to be a spotter. A leader is the one who leads the rigs on the trails, just like a personal trainer leads you through a training session. Are you breathing heavy thinking about it? Haha! I hope not, but if you are, then it is time to think about starting to get in shape. But seriously, if you are thinking about getting into the health kick.... now is the time to start, because a year from now you will wish you did. Who doesn't want to be a great role model for their family by being active on the trails, exercising and eating right? Just Do It.

Now time to think about the fitness part of this article. How is fitness similar to off-roading?

Marbella.Spata-LONconentIn fitness you are sweating, breathing heavy, lifting weights, walking/running on a treadmill or up a hill or maybe you are an athlete playing soccer, baseball, softball, etc. Always adjusting your posture to get the most out of your workout or game.  You are shifting gears on your heart rate from fast to slow or medium, slow to fast,  You pick what works for your fitness level and goals, just like you do picking a line.  Goals to be made in a healthier diet, best time ever, fat % loss, etc. Or maybe your goal is to just walk with your family on the evenings. Great way to connect with the family, gets the family active in a group setting that involves exercise. Just like when you offroad in a group. You connect with others on the trail, because you all have the same love for mother nature, the love of the challenge and the commitment of succeeding.

Do you see where I am going with this?  They are similar, yet different. In the end, you get the same results when it comes to positivity, happiness and goals.

Marbella.Spata-LONconentOff-roading and fitness get your adrenaline pumping. Both give you stress relief and, best of all, a mental and physical challenge that we all crave in some form in our life.

So, if you crave that adrenaline rush you get when you are on the trails offroading, then why not get that same rush exercising?

If you exercise 30 minutes a day/7 days a week and eat smart, you will be happier and more positive in your life.  Exercising 30 minutes a day won't get you fast results, but it will get you in a good routine to start exercising more. It's easier to fit 30 minutes in your busy day then to do an hour or hour and a half. You will start craving for that adrenaline rush more and more each day that passes and before you know it you will be doing an hour a day 3/4 days a week. Baby steps is sometimes better to get started than trying to be that weekend warrior. You really need to train your brain, that it's okay to be doing this to your body, just like you need to train your muscles.  It's okay to ignore you brain while exercising, but listen to you body.  Yes, there is a difference.  Listening to your body means for example, if your leg hurts doing lunges, then adjust your weights. Now if you brain says, "I AM TIRED. Stop doing lunges," then ignore your brain and finish your sets.

Marbella.Spata-LONconentDrink plenty of water the day before you workout, then just maintain your hydration while exercising.  You never want to exercise while dehydrated.  You will get a headache and your muscles will get sore.  Muscle soreness because your muscles are wanting hydration.  Your muscles will then take all the nutrients from your body it needs to breath, build and hydrate.  Why water is so important to drink everyday.  If you don't like water, then add fruit to your water, strawberry water is very good for an example.  Add vegetables instead of fruit, such as cucumbers, cucumber water is very delightful.  Another idea is mix Powerade or Gatorade to your water.  Just add half of your sports drink, the less sugar you have in your water the better for you.

I hope this post got you thinking about fitness and offroading similarities. I plan to write up more about this topic and hopefully help others into getting healthy.  Remember age is just a number, you can do what you want, you just got to modify it to your skill level.

Marbella.Spata-LONconentAt the end of the day, we all want to go home with a smile on our face from the trails or from our physical activity knowing that we all accomplished the goals we made for yourself today and, if not, then there will always be another day to try again.  Remember, we are all beginners at one point of our life in everything we do.  Cheers to you on your accomplishments in your goal or goals on the trails, building your rig, exercising or whatever it is.... Nobody can take that away from you.

So keep doing what you love doing..... off-roading and/or fitness training. Because all that matters is that you are happy with yourself. Positivity brings smiles to you and who all are involved in your life.


Author: Marbella Spata