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Ladies Offroad Network is VERY dynamic!  We have put together a reference guide for your desk that you will get in the mail with your member sticker.  This is the online version with working links that will be updated as new opportunities are exposed. 

The #1 word that we use around here is COMMIT!  Commit to something this year. Commit to coming to an event. Commit to engaging online. Commit to hosting a Network'ing Event. Commit to being a leader. Commit..........you determine what that means and then do it!

Take Advantage of Your Full Membership

  • Your own personal offroad webpage* - You received an email with an outline to fill out. Please take time to write the content for YOUR webpage (don’t worry, we will final edit it!). Gather up some pictures to send. This is all about you and can be updated at any time, or we will ping you a reminder to review on your anniversary date.

• 10% off everything in BowerMediaStore.com* - Time to SHOP! As a member, you have been given 10% off your purchases in the store. Products range from I’m Not Just a Girl Shirts, Boy Shirts, Kids Books, Gifts, Offroad Marketing School, Trail Trainings and even the Convention! There are only a few select items noted in the store that the discount does not apply to including your membership renewal.

• Participate in monthly giveaways - They are BIG! Login Monthly to participate in the giveaways that are the focus of our education for the month. There seems to be a trend to have multiple winners each month, so never hesitate to get in and play! It’s easy to put your name in the hat. Tune in to the Facebook LIVE at the beginning of the month to see the announcement of the giveaway, and then tune in at the end of the month for the LIVE Drawing!  www.LadiesOffroadNetwork.com/giveaways

• One free Ladies Offroad Trail Training session* - As Charlene travels across the country she offers Trail Trainings in different locations. Keep track of the schedule and, as a member, take advantage of the opportunity to enroll in a class for FREE. Just let Charlene know that you plan on coming, and she will add you to the guest list! Good for classes valued up to $50.  www.LadiesOffroadNetwork.com/Trail-Training

• Members Only Area on Website - Login to your account on the website. Setup your member page with a couple pictures, social links and information. Then get to commenting at the bottom of articles. Click on others pages to see their information and pictures. Note, now there is a dropdown under the Membership area that offers a Members ONLY list of pages that you can access. Enjoy and take advantage!

• VIP opportunities at events - Keep an eye out for events that Charlene will be at and hosting VIP opportunities for Members Only. The opportunity depends on the event but in the past there have been Members Only Dinners, Trail Rides, Party Access, and more. You will need to sign up for the FREE opportunity to be on the guest list for the events.

• Vote in polls - We want to know what you think. Our members are at the core of our future, so we are giving you the opportunity to voice your opinions. Watch for emails and special pings online to participate. Anytime you have a suggestion, question, or idea, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your idea may inspire the next poll!

• Special invites to events - We host many events each year. As a member, you will be the first to know about these events and have the opportunity to register early, especially if there is a cap on the number of attendees. Watch your email and check the mail for these special invites – we want you to join us!

• Opportunity to participate in special programs - Being a member opens the door to be able to participate in our Local Leader and Ambassador program. You also have the opportunity to be featured as a Business Owner or have your Offroad Group posted. See the About Us section of the website to understand how to participate in these individual programs.

• A Ladies Offroad Network member sticker - You just got it! Put them somewhere special, take a picture, and show us! 🙂

• Locked membership rate - As we continue to add value, there may be a day when the member rate increases. Staying a current member will always lock in your membership rate. We are continually expanding the Member Opportunities that will add to this list! Keep checking the website for updates!

Join Us At Events...

  •  Ladies Offroad Convention - The Ladies Offroad Convention is an action-packed, interactive 4-day weekend educating, motivating, and guiding all offroad ladies. We consider this our annual reunion for all our Members, Top 10 ladies and past guests. Meet Ladies you have talked to online, and create once in a lifetime experiences. The 2018 Ladies Offroad Convention will be held August 2-5th in Salt Lake City, UT. Register today.  www.LadiesOffroadConvention.com

  • Ladies Offroad Trail Training - Ladies Offroad Trail Training offers ladies the chance to learn the skills they need to successfully operate their vehicles over various terrain and build their confidence in all aspects of driving offroad under the guidance of I4WDTA certified trainer, Charlene Bower. You received one free trail training session when you became a member. There are multiple styles of classes from recovery equipment to behind the wheel driving. Find out when and where you can join Charlene at an event on our website! www.LadiesOffroadTrailTraining.com

  • Ladies Offroad Experience - Ladies Offroad Experiences happen at offroad events across the country throughout the year. We host them as part of a greater event that you may be attending. These experiences are a great opportunity to learn something new, meet other members, and enter for lots of giveaways! Check out our online calendar to find a Ladies Offroad Experience near you!
  • Ladies Offroad Challenge - The Ladies Offroad Challenge finds special ladies to join Charlene Bower at specific offroad events. Follow all the action on our website!  www.LadiesOffroadChallenge.com

Coming 2018 & 2019 - It's Big! It's Awesome!  Watch for the Announcement at the Annual Ladies Offroad Convention in August.  You will WANT to participate!  🙂 

Join Us Daily Online...

  • Daily Dirt - Charlene and other experts in their field offer daily insight into simple and complex subjects. If you have a request on what you would like Charlene to discuss, never hesitate to ask! The dose of Daily Dirt is built to expand your knowledge, regardless of your past or current understanding. Even the simplest topic can have a “Did You Know” statement wrapped into it! The format is structured to walk you through a How-To, understand a process, or break down a part or segment of aftermarket items.  

  • Your Story - The “Read Now” Tab and the Home Page is always filled with stories from ladies. Read about their experiences at events, learn from others and keep up with women in the offroad world. Yes, you can send us your stories to share with the Network! Don’t know what to write about? Here are some suggestions: • last weekend's offroading trip • how you got into offroading • building your vehicle Story submissions receive a store credit. Guests are welcome to submit stories, so feel free to encourage others to participate! 
  • Member Webpage - Set up your own personal webpage on Ladies Offroad Network featuring you! Your webpage includes a paragraph about you, social media links, and a Q&A. It will also list and link the specifics of your vehicle. Plus, it will feature the articles you submit to Ladies Offroad Network. This is a hub for everything you do offroad! Complete the content outline when you receive it, and send us photos of you being awesome offroad! We will handle the editing and publishing process. You can email us to update your information at any time, or we will contact you annually for new information. Your website address will be easy to share: LadiesOffroadNetwork.com/Firstname-Lastname Be sure to enjoy other Ladies Webpages too!  www.ladiesoffroadnetwork.com/category/featured-ladies/members
  • Shop - As a member, you automatically receive 10% off all purchases in our store, BowerMediaStore.com. Don’t let the name confuse you, Bower Media is our parent company. Instead of limiting the opportunities that you could get a discount on, this gives you access to all the Ladies Offroad Network opportunities, I’m Not Just a Girl clothes, Kids’ Gifts, Men’s Shirts, access to our Offroad Marketing School, and many other Bower Media products. If you are an Amazon Shopper, please consider shopping through our store or links to help support Ladies Offroad Network: www.amazon.com/shop/BowerMedia We also work with other partners to extend member discounts. See the Partners Page for reference.  www.ladiesoffroadnetwork.com/partners
  • Participate - Ladies Offroad Network is proud to be able to provide multiple programs for offroad ladies. As a member, you can now feature your business or club on our website under the “Featured Ladies” tab. You can also become a Local Leader or Ambassador. More information about each opportunity is under the “About” tab.
  • Conversation - Conversations are the key to success in any environment, and our community is no different! We encourage you to add a comment at the end of a story, participate in giveaways, and submit your story so others can learn about you. ENGAGE! When you are logged in, be sure to participate in the Members Only area of the website that has special experiences available. Join into the conversation and get to know other ladies!
  • Partners - Our Partners are very important to us and to you! Please visit the “Partners” page when you are considering a new purchase to see what companies support you as Lady Offroaders. If they are listed, they have chosen to support Ladies Offroad Network and we want to show them support back. They may offer special pricing, so it never hurts to mention that you are a Ladies Offroad Network Member.  www.ladiesoffroadnetwork.com/partners

Let's Chat On Social Media or Directly

  • Facebook: This is where we hang out the most. Join us for LIVE@5 announcements and giveaways, check out full event photo galleries, hear the latest news, and learn when ladies’ stories are posted.  www.facebook.com/LadiesOffroadNetwork
  • Facebook Group:  We share our posts over to the group, but this is also a space for you to share photos and stories with other offroad ladies. Feel free to ask questions and look to find members in your area.  www.facebook.com/Groups/LadiesOffroadNetwork
  • Instagram: We like to hang out on Instagram, too. Check out some of our recent event photos, see the latest news, know when ladies’ stories are posted and put a down for all the ladies featured! www.instagram.com/LadiesOffroadNetwork
  • Pinterest: Pinterest offers a lot of opportunity and variety for us! We love to share great tips and yummy camping food along with our own stories. If you write a story, you will probably find yourself featured on Pinterest! www.pinterest.com/LadiesOffroadNetwork

  • YouTube: Our YouTube Channel has 800+ videos ranging from racing to How-To’s and interviews! Subscribe to be notified of new releases. www.youtube.com/BowerMedia
  • Snapchat: We don’t share much on SnapChat yet, but we do love playing with the filters and watching your adventures . . . as a flying pig or big eyed cat! www.snapchat.com/Ladies.Offroad
  • Email: Submit your articles, pictures, or requests directly to our email. Feel free to ask questions or engage in a direct conversation with Charlene or our staff. Winning@BowerMedia.com
  • Call! Sure, you can call or text us! Sometimes it is easier to have a conversation or get help on the phone. If we don’t answer, feel free to text, we may be in a limited service area. We are here to help you!  480-490-2019

Earn Referral Store Credit Would you like to earn $5 per referral to www.BowerMediaStore.com? We appreciate you letting your friends know about Ladies Offroad Network and want to give you a gift of your choosing in return… in the form of store credit! Be sure your friends use your full name as the referral person when asked who referred them. We will reconcile your referrals quarterly and issue store credit for you to use as you wish.

"I've cleaned my house, put snacks and games out, will clean up when everyone leaves and pay for everything that gets broken. You are all invited to this rocking party! Be sure to chat around the room, bring any snacks you would like to add to the table, meet some new friends and keep coming back for more! This is all about YOU, I’m just hosting the party!"

Charlene Bower grew up in an off-roading family, enjoying annual trips to Dumont Dunes, the Rubicon and other iconic off-road destinations. Charlene's first job was changing dirt bike tires at a motorcycle shop in Northern California. She worked upper retail management at multi-line Powersports dealerships for 11 years and in magazine media for 4 years before founding Bower Motorsports Media in 2009. In just nine short years she has built a media empire and multiple brands using trending media and communication platforms supplying the backdrop for some of the most successful racers, events and companies in the 4x4 market. Charlene has a resume of competition finishes including 1st place at the inaugural 10-day Rebelle Rally, 2nd in Pro at the 36 Hours of Uwharrie, 2nd at Rally Venture, 2014 and 2015 Fastest Girl at the King of the Hammers Backdoor Challenge and is an Arizona Undertaker. She is a International 4 Wheel Drive Trainer (I4WDTA) and also teaches an online Offroad Marketing Class. Charlene has been recognized by BFGoodrich Tires as one of their Performance Team Members, and was voted by peers as the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame 2016 Industry Rising Star.