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Mary Jo Airo’s Wild Wheeling Weekend Experience

Author: Mary Jo Airo

Mary-Jo-Airo-2017-LOC-Wild-Wheeling-Weekend-Thu-Web-43I was very excited to be one of the ten ladies “pulled-out” of the 2017 Ladies Offroad Challenge to participate in a weekend of off-roading in Mesa, Arizona.

Then, the dilemma  – how do I get my jeep from Michigan to Arizona (1900 miles~28hrs)?  ..which was not in the cards for a weekend trip. After I called around to rent a jeep, it was best to just go, be a co-driver/passenger, learn, and enjoy!  

There wasn’t a single minute wasted. We were constantly learning. Topics included offroading, spotting, WARN winching, towing, safety, Hi-Lift Jack and others, changing a flat, Pull-Pal, lockers, radiators (ha!), co-driver responsibilities, seat placement, trailer safety, tools, welding, racing, native plants, and much more.  

As we faced our offroad challenges – cracked radiators, seized caliper, etc, it was amazing to solve the issues together and move on. We had to adjust our plans but we were able to work together, keep our senses, and enjoy the weekend.

My favorite part of the weekend included getting to know all of the ladies while offroading.  The tour and welding at LetzRoll Offroad was amazing. Mesa is a beautiful setting. It was hot!  The scenery on a daily basis was gorgeous and so much different from the Midwest.

Mary-Jo-Airo-2017-LOC-Wild-Wheeling-Weekend-Sat-Web-6It was a challenge to absorb all the information Charlene wants to share and for us to commit it to memory and increase our skill levels.  

The weekend was a complete success in my eyes.  I was honored to be able to participate in the first Ladies Wild Wheeling Weekend.  The knowledge I gained and friendships I made will forever be with me.  Thank you, Ladies!  And a very special thank you to Charlene and her Mom!

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Author: Mary Jo Airo