Ladies Offroad Network Monthly

Impact Program

Lets support each other and ourselves! Lets celebrate each other and ourselves!

These can come as an action from another member towards you ~ helping you do something, taking you on a ride, sent you words of encouragement at just the right time, etc.

These actions can be highlighting one of your successes ~ started a new job, graduated, changed the oil in your vehicle, donated time, etc.

They don't have to be huge, be proud and highlight your successes and others.  The hardest part is going to be talking about yourself in a positive way...but you can!

You are encouraged to go into this thread and support each other with positive affirmations too! 


  • Every month we will start a new thread in Wild Apricot for you to post positive actions. You need to be a Member to access.
  • At the end of the month, before the given date, we will take all the actions and put them into the drawing bowl.
  • On the "Tuesday Topics LIVE@5" show, one name will be drawn out and a "Braggin Bag" will be sent to the person who performed the Impact.
  • A Braggin Bag is a random bag of goodies from Charlene's shelf. 🙂

January 2020

Get to Braggin' in Wild Apricot: CLICK HERE

(You must sign in as a Member to be able to see the page.   Home  -> Chat  -> Notices/Giveaways/Impact Chatter  ->  Impact Program - January 2020)

January Tab Closes: January 27th

Braggin Bag Drawing: January 28th during Tuesday Topics LIVE@5

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