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I Wanted The Wind In My Hair But What I Got Was So Much Better

by Misty Eilertson

Misty-Eilertson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1I have always had a love for big trucks, fast cars, snow mobiles, four wheelers and motorcycles. So it was only fitting when I purchased my Jeep to dig into the off road community. When I purchased my Jeep it was not for offroading. I at the time wanted to feel the wind blow through my hair. To experience taking the top off, cruising down the road with the radio loud and the wind in my hair. All while in the comfort of my shorts and flip flops. I have succeeded in that goal.

Misty-Eilertson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1How did I get in to offroading? I went to a Jeep show and met some amazing people. Now keep in mind my Jeep is almost stock but in my eyes she is EVERYTHING. Yes there are better Jeeps out there but she is mine. So at this Jeep show there were vendors set up around the area with all sorts of different services, products and clubs. It is this day, I find Ladies Off-road Club or LROC. That moment changed my life.

Misty-Eilertson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1LROC is a ladies club! A club for ladies run by ladies!! WHAT! I was sold. I talked to the ladies for a bit, got some information on the club and then went to my Jeep and signed up. This group of gals is transforming the off road community one gal at a time. I had never been offroading and they didn’t care. In this club I don’t feel like there is a bad question. I don’t get looks for not knowing how to do something. They are there to help me and make me feel comfortable without being judged for not knowing much about offroading. Not just offroading but in general with anything. I found a sisterhood!

Misty-Eilertson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1So I took a leap and signed up for a weekend trip. I had only met a few of the ladies once and let me tell you I was so nervous but so excited to meet more ladies that love what I love - JEEPS. It was a weekend trip to North Dakota for some wheeling and education. I invited a good friend of mine to go away with me on this ladies only trip. We drove to Elk River MN, met up with some other ladies and started the convoy. Over the weekend we learned so much. There were some educational classes set up to teach us some welding skills and C.A.D (cardboard Aided Design). We ladies also were put to the task of the obstacle course and mud run. There were various types of obstacles. I made it over or through three of them. The mud run was a blast. I loved mud - notice I said loved…..Mud gets everywhere and sometimes is so hard to get out.

Misty-Eilertson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1From that one trip I learned what my Jeep was capable of or should I say what I am capable of. I was taught how to control (or try to control) it, picking a line (what could they possibly mean by that), spotting, how to use a winch, the list goes on. That weekend I had a blast. I came out of the weekend with some new friends and a list of modifications I couldn’t wait to get done. I knew I would love it but I had no idea it would become such a passion.

Misty-Eilertson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1What I love most about offroading is getting to the top or through the trail and looking back to see where you came from and what you had to do to get there. It almost amazes me each and every time I am out. I start the day with a how am I going to get through that or a well here we go attitude. The satisfaction of making it to the end is great. It’s even better when you make it there without breaking anything. Which is an added bonus for me because I almost always drive my jeep to the trail or event and home so on days I make it without any trouble or breaking it is an even better ending to a great day.

Misty-Eilertson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1Everyone needs a great support team. Not only do I have this great club but my family and friends are also there cheering me on. Some think I am a bit crazy but it’s good for them. My fiancé is absolutely the best support I have in all of this. He has the patience to show me how to fix what is broken or how to make those much wanted modifications. What would take him a few minor minutes usually takes me hours so the patience he has shown me is so appreciated. He has taught me so much in such a short time. When he isn’t in the shop teaching me, he is in the passenger seat spotting for me. He gives me encouragement when I need it and takes the wheel when I am at the point of falling apart. If it wasn’t for him I do believe it would have been a struggle to get where I am now.

I have only been in the offroad scene for a little over a year. Within that little bit of time I have learned so much, done so much and met some amazing people. I have checked some goals off my list like going to Moab Utah for East Jeep Safari. I have also made so many more goals and added places I would love to see that I didn’t even know existed until I started this new phase in my life. I can honestly say I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and where it will continue to take me.


Posted by: Dulcy Rojas

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