Dear Rebelle Rally Class of 2017
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Dear Rebelle Rally Class of 2017

Author: Charlene Bower

Charlene's Rebelle Rally-LON ContentDear Rebelle Rally Class of 2017,

Today you start on an adventure that you can’t control or know how it will end. Today you will start your journey to becoming a broader person with a new set of experiences to reference. As the week carries through, you will be forced to make hard decisions, push yourself past your physical and mental limits, and succeed. Yes, you WILL succeed!

Here is what I can guarantee about the Rebelle Rally:

  • You are going to get tired.
  • The food is amazing.
  • You will meet life-long friends.
  • It will be totally worth it at the end.

Charlene's Rebelle Rally-LON ContentI will also guarantee:

  • At some point you and your partner will disagree. Don’t focus on it. Make the best decision for the moment and then move on to the next decision. There are 100+ more to make!
  • Something with your vehicle is going to challenge your mechanical skills. Ah! Take a deep breath, grab some water and sit down (or pace). Think about the path of power. Attempt to understand where the problem is and work the path of power backwards.  By remaining calm and in a decision making mode I bet you will be able to figure it out! 
  • You’re going to get lost. That’s what this is all about! Details are also what it is all about. Know where you are; keep your eye on your line of trajectory. Trust me, you aren’t really lost…you are exactly where you need to be.
  • You are going to get tired. Manage yourself! Eat A LOT. Drink A LOT. More than you would normally. Sleep as you can. If you need a 5 minute time-out during the day, tell your partner and you both accept it. That 5 minutes to regroup could make the difference of finding one more checkpoint because you can focus.

Charlene's Rebelle Rally-LON ContentI hope you will:

  • Try something that pushes you farther from your limits than Rebelle Rally itself.
  • Look up and enjoy the scenery, it’s amazing!
  • Appreciate your partners efforts. Don’t forget to say Thank you!
  • Stop and regroup instead of getting frustrated. It’s not worth it.
  • Don’t give up on yourself or your partner.
  • Do the best you can!!

Charlene's Rebelle Rally-LON ContentWhen I see you at the finish line you will have had a week's worth of experiences that you will never really be able to share with anyone,except those around you at that moment. The truth is, this is an incredible journey that will challenge and change you. The experiences that build on top of themselves without you even recognizing them will make you stronger. You will succeed at what you are given and appreciate what you are able to take away.  It will give you a confidence you didn’t have before. It will be one of the best weeks of your life. It was for me.

Charlene's Rebelle Rally-LON ContentGo out there and make your dream a reality!

See you at the finish line!

- Charlene Bower
2016 Inaugural Rebelle Rally Winner   


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