Charlene Talks about Black Forest Gear Fridge Freezer
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Charlene Talks about Black Forest Gear Fridge Freezer

by Charlene Bower

Black Forest Gear Fridge Freezer 2I ate frozen ice cream on a boat in Florida in December. Who wouldn’t want to eat ice cream on a boat? Who wouldn’t want an ice cream on the trail? Who wants a sandwich that hasn’t been sitting in soggy cooler water? Who wants confidence their perishable groceries will be good to eat? Who doesn’t want to buy a bag of ice again? We can have these things!

The Black Forest Gear Fridge Freezer FF31 is a great solution for my fast paced on the road lifestyle and has proven to be helpful in multiple situations. It is a great addition to your camping equipment or everyday tool box.

Black Forest Moab Product 039 (Medium)Yes, the first time I was introduced to the Fridge Freezer was in Florida as four guys walked onto the dock carrying two of them by their very sturdy handles. It was 10am, but by the smiles on their faces this was going to be quite a party! Here I thought we were just going to look at dolphins! Yes, we had a party – an ICE CREAM party! (There was some water in there too, but who remembers the water?!?) Not going to lie, it was impressive to see the ice cream maintain the perfect temperature via a car outlet for the three hours or so before the contents were revealed.

The second time I got to touch the FF31 was just days before I left for King of the Hammers. Black Forest Gear has been a huge supporter of Ladies Offroad Network. When I reached out to give one away at King of the Hammers as part of our multiple Meet & Greets and events they were on board! Not only were they onboard with the giveaway, but Black Forest Gear Fridge Freezer 2they also wanted to make sure I was utilizing one and could talk from experience on the key features. When they arrived, one got packed in the trailer for KOH, and the other got unpacked and put in my truck!

We spent the week showcasing the Fridge Freezer at all our events. Hundreds of people gawked at it, touched it and opened the lid but only one name could be the lucky winner: Allegra Schicht from Orange, CA! She was at the drawing on Friday and after jumping up and down a few times she came up to grab it! Her and a friend walked it into the desert, each with a hand on a handle. Happily…I may add!

“It is awesome! I recently got it into a friends Jeep and used it again for a weekend of trail riding in Big Bear. It isn’t huge, which is perfect to be able to fit into any vehicle. I will say, the inside is actually bigger than I thought, I have been able to fit everything I need in it. It keeps my drinks cold and everything dirt free!” ~ Allegra Schicht.

Black Forest Gear Fridge Freezer 2My Fridge Freezer didn’t get such a glamorous start to life, it got put straight to work! I put it in the backseat of my truck, ran the cord to the cigarette lighter (do they really still call them that?) and plugged it into the DC power outlet. It has ran for multiple days at a time ever since keeping my drinks, snacks and lunches cold in the extreme temperatures of King of the Hammers, Tierra Del Sol, Moab Easter Jeep Safari, Overland Expo, Rally on the Rocks and multiple other weekend camping or business trips. I should have counted the number of drinks in and out…now that would be a stat!

There are features that I find handy. These may or may not be in any order of importance, or you can read into it as such:

  1. Light – When you open the lid at night the light illuminates the contents. It makes it easy to not mistake one beverage for the next.
  2. Lid Strap – Having it in my backseat, it is convenient to have the lid strap hold the lid open while I grab for a drink.
  3. Handles – The handles are very easy to install when unboxing, and strategic for moving it between vehicles, between the vehicle and house, or even into a hotel room at night. I’ve done all three.
  4. Black Forest Gear Fridge Freezer 2Size – In coordination with the handles, it is big enough for anything we need and also not so big and heavy that I can’t move it by myself.
  5. Eco vs Max Mode – I try to plan ahead, but sometimes we need that Max mode to get the fridge up and going stat! I have driven with it on Max mode as we travel between events. Once I get to an event and know my truck will sit for the day, I turn it to Eco mode to allow it the opportunity to maintain, while not drawing much power.
  6. Battery Protection – With that said, the unit is built to not draw down your battery. In all the uses, I have yet to have a battery challenge.


LON-Promo-Giveaway-June-17-CountdownThis month, Black Forest Gear has supported Ladies Offroad Network again in the June giveaway and offering the opportunity to do a limited time group buy for all of our Bower Media supporters. In the process we have shared a less than graceful Unboxing of the Fridge Freezer (we checked out how tough it really is!!) and Tyler Ruby took some time to take us for a ride in the Black Forest Gear Jeep and show us around all their products.  (See Both Videos Below)

Black Forest Gear
is the offroad brand for Webasto, a 115 year old company. Webasto is the world market leader for roof and convertible roof systems as well as parking heaters and is among the world’s largest 100 suppliers to the automotive industry. In 2016 the Group generated sales of 3.2 billion euros and employs more than 12,000 people worldwide.

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Unboxing The Fridge Freezer

UnBoxing the Black Forest Gear Fridge Freezer

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