Camping with Charlene

It is New and FUN!

When 2020 threw a curve ball not allowing us to have the Convention like normal, Charlene had to make a decision. “It was one of the hardest decisions I have made yet with Ladies Offroad Network, I am not a quitter and to cancel the 4th annual Convention was a heartbreak,” said Bower. After deciding that was the best for everyone, she then sat back and said, “What do I want to do that weekend now?” which was a simple answer: Camping and Offroading!  The best part about camping is the more the merrier, so why not invite everyone! Camping with Charlene started…


Flagstaff September 23-28, 2020


Moab October 19-24, 2020




The food is yummy and you will get to take tips and tricks from us! Includes all Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and Snacks!  Drinks and water are included with the exception of alcohol.

We are very conscious of food challenges and have been able to accommodate everyone. You will be asked this question after you register.


For camping they are pretty dang fancy!  We have two bathroom tents where you can do your business with lights leading to them in the night. Of course you also have the opportunity to utilize the open air experience too. 🙂

There is a shower tent and an additional hair washing station set up. We do ask that everyone be respectful to taking only a couple showers so that all of the ladies can utilize the warm water. All the necessary showering accessories are provided, but you can bring what you like including flip flops.

Camping Equiptment

Don’t have camping gear? No stress! We have camping kits that include everything you need to be successful including a tarp, tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, sheet and comforter kit, pillow, towel and light.  Only 10 available, first requested get kits.


Yes, we will be going offroading, because that is what we do! Stock vehicles are welcome. I do ask that you take a quality amount of time to ensure that your vehicle is in the best shape that it can be so we don’t have any issues on the trails. We want to wheel, not fix things 😉  There is a limit to vehicles.

You DO NOT Need a Vehicle

You do not need to have a vehicle to join us, you are encouraged to fly in. Those that bring vehicles will have open seats and Frankie will always need a driver. We will help you arrange your transportation from the airport to camping with us.

Offroad Goals

Of course our goal everytime we hang out is to add to our offroading skills. I’m all about it, but this is a much more casual scene. We will be on the trails having a great day and learn different skills as it happens. We will have time that we will hang out in camp and learn. Be sure to pack your gloves and closed toe shoes!


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