91 Ladies Enter 2016 Bower Media Co-Driver Challenge
Ladies Co-Driver Challenge Ladies Co-Driver Challenge Ladies Offroad Challenge

91 Ladies Enter 2016 Bower Media Co-Driver Challenge


Vote of Confidence Deadline: April 15th

Bower Media announced a contest to find a female co-driver for three separate off-road events happening this year with BFGoodrich® Tires, and over the course of the last three weeks 91 ladies have submitted a simple form and three photos representing their passion for the offroad. This week, from Monday to Friday, the challenge goes into a social media phase. Friends, family and fellow wheelers are encouraged to Like and or Comment on the photos posted on Bower Motorsports Media Facebook and Instagram pages and add a Vote of Confidence for the particular lady. Also available on BowerMediaTours.com, this is not a photo contest. This social media voting process will narrow the field down to the top 30 ladies. We will then take the remaining 61 entries and do a random draw for 3 additional wild card entries.

“I don’t know what I really expected when I started this, if I was to be really honest, I was hoping that we would get 30 qualified ladies - we got ninety-one!! I read every single application and looked at all the pictures, and I can honestly say that we can’t go wrong with any one of these ladies as my co-driver! There are Jeep girls, Toyota girls, Buggy girls, XJ girls and even Mustang girls mixed in the group,” said Charlene Bower, Owner of Bower Media. “I am sincerely thankful for BFGoodrich Tires who not only gives me the safety and security to drive thousands of miles to events every weekend, but also support projects like these that empower women and offroaders to play in the dirt. Their slogan, ‘Driver Enough’, is what we are encouraging every lady to be today and everyday.”

The contest is designed to gather entries from girls across the country, using social media and Bower Power Hour interviews to help Charlene determine the best match for her. The three events will be RallyVenture, BFGoodrich Tires 36 Hours of Uwharrie, and the all girls Rebelle Rally in October. Each of these events will offer a unique competition experience alongside Charlene, as well as a behind the scenes look at the actual events themselves. The girls chosen will be Charlene’s second in command for the entirety of the event, and will have the opportunity to drive, navigate, and compete in all sorts of challenges to accrue points at the events. There will be three winners, one for each event this year.

After the Vote of Confidence is completed this week, Charlene will reach out to the top 33 with 6-10 questions and schedule a 15-minute call, 5 minutes of which will be recorded for a special episode of Bower Power Hour. The team at Bower Media will narrow the field down to 8 finalists. These finalists will be invited to a training weekend in Arizona to meet and work with Charlene as well as practice driving, shooting and physical activities with amazingly special guests. The final 8 contestants will be announced by Charlene at I’m Not Just a Girl’s Ladies Meet & Greet at Jeep Beach in Florida on Thursday at the downtown experience from 5-6pm. After the training weekend in Arizona, the 3 winners will be announced shortly after.

You can support the ladies efforts by visiting www.BowerMediaTours.com website and linking through to their picture on Facebook or Instagram. Or by clicking on their name below to go to their Facebook picture: Alice Gerst, Allison MacLaurin, Amanda Bloomfield, Amanda Sharman, Amber Robinson, Amber Turner, Angie Dow, Angie Mitchell, April Reiger, Ashlie Cardillo, Audrey Byrd, Becki Ortiz, Beckie Casebeer, Beth Antcil, Bonnie Lake, Brittney Hultsman, Christie Vinson, Christina Glenn, Christina Sullivan, Christi Salter, Claudia Kappen, Cortney McRae, Denise Nelson, Diane Zalman, Elizabeth Fisher, Emily Arato, Erika Detota, Erin Horvath, Heather Swigart, Jane Thurmond, Jasmine Harwood, Jennifer Hite, Jennifer Horne, Jennifer Scrafford-DeReinzo, Jennifer Woolever, Jessica Chasse, Jessica Kemp, Jolene Harsch, Journee Richardson, Kalee Hunter, Kaleigh Hotchkiss, Kate Atkinson, Kimberly Brown, Kimberly Felshaw, Kimmie Davis, Kimrah Turner, Kristen Endres, Kristen Oleksik, Kristie Moore, Lacrecia Beurrier, Lauren Martin, Leigh Singleton, Leslie Monzon, Lisa Carter, Lolli Bunce, Lynne Rabak, Makayla Holstein, Marbella Spata, Marcie Hricziscse, Martha Tansy, Mary Byrnes, Melanie Hoit, Melanie Schiemer, Mercedes Mangarpan, Micaela Windham, Michelle Perez, Nichole Minice, Nichol Phillips, Noranda Haasper, Penny Mason, Rachle Engle, Rebeca Olavarrieta, Rebecca Donaghe, Rileigh Augustine, Samantha Hopko, Sarah Luker, Shari Piskothy, Stacy Swords, Susan Bodnar, Susan Stevens, Taunya Jones, Teralin Petereit, Teri Evans, Tina Bond-Kuglin, Tina Ray, Tonya Mercer, Tonya Mercier, Trisha Glezen, Trisha McMurray, Vanessa Doltar, Wendy Nickell.