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Ladies Offroad Wilderness First Aid 2021


Date:  June 2 - June 6      8am - 5pm

Wed, Thurs, Fri: Wilderness First Aid Certification (3rd day bonus for LON specific dirt training!)
Sat: Stress Inoculation (Situational Awareness) Course    (Can register for just this experience)
Sun: Dirt Day with local NM ladies and Charlene

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Certification: Wilderness First Aid WFA certification through the National Association of Search and Rescue


Full Experience

$295 paid directly to RescueTNT for WFA Course Certificate
$150 paid directly to RescueTNT for Stress Inoculation Course
$250 for 5 days Housing + Food + Experience
$100 for Food + Experience (no Housing)
Responsible for Travel to and from Albuquerque

OR Saturday/Sunday Only:

$150 paid directly to RescueTNT for Stress Inoculation Course
$100 for Food + Experience (potential room in house, please contact for availability)
Responsible for Travel to and from Albuquerque


21 People


You will pay for the "experience" via Ladies Offroad Network.
Your confirmation email will have the links that you need to go to register for the actual classes.  

CLICK HERE to register for the whole Wilderness First Aid experience

CLICK HERE to register for Saturday/Sunday experience only

Need Payments options? Reach out to Charlene ASAP ~ 480-490-2019 or . There are options for timing on payments. Do not miss this opportunity!

Wilderness First Aid ~ Special Class for Ladies Offroad Network!

Ladies Offroad Network Rescue TNTThis is a special Wilderness First Aid (WFA) class specifically designed for Ladies Offroad Network. It will be 3 days instead of the standard 2 day certification process. At the end of Day 2, you will be officially certified...but are you really ready to help at an emergency in the wilderness?  On Friday we will be going into the local mountains where we will be given different scenarios to accomplish while keeping the life of the victim as our priority. 

This course is for initial Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification through the National Association of Search and Rescue. This course has an emphasis on scenarios based in the offroad remote setting. This course is mostly hands on and incorporates many of the incidents seen in off-road accidents and off-road emergencies. Fundamental rescue skills needed for those adventures where you may be alone for hours until rescue arrives.

This course is great for people of all experience levels, and is best suited for those who recreate outdoors where EMS response can be expected in a timely manner (fewer than eight hours). You'll learn the Patient Assessment System, how to provide effective first aid treatments for injuries and illnesses common in the outdoors, and how to make appropriate evacuation decisions.

Stress Inoculation Course ~ Special Class for Ladies Offroad Network!

RescueTNT is now offering a class on being aware of your situation. Always taking our experiences to the next level, when Dan told me about this I knew it needed to be added to our experience. It is important that you as a woman, and in the times we live in today, are aware and ready to react. This is a one day class held on Saturday. It can be registered for as a stand-alone experience.

Are you prepared to react in a high stress environment? Dont know if you are for sure? Our course will not only highlight if you are truly prepared to react in a stressful environment but it will also teach you situational awareness, basic critical care and how best to exit a stressful environment in the safest manner possible. 

This course is scenario based with a fast paced learning environment that will teach you how the latest fundamentals on situational awareness along with techniques on how to react in an appropriate manner in high stress situations. 

The Experience

Ladies Offroad Network has so much to offer you. During your whole trip you will be hosted by Charlene who does everything to make sure your experience is top notch and enjoyable.

Food: YUMMY is the understatement!  No diets here 🙂   Three meals a day, dessert and snacks! will be provided. All drinks will be provided (except alcohol).  You will be asked to reply to a questionnaire about food challenges, please advise and we will make it work for everyone.

Housing: Coming in from out of town? The experience includes joining into the AirBNB that will be rented for the week. Kinda like a slumber party for rad ladies that like to offroad. If you haven't experiences this with us yet, trust me, it works. 

Flying In: No problem! Someone will pick you up at the airport (or we may ask that you Uber depending on the time). You will use the housing and we will have multiple options of passenger seats for you to enjoy!

Dirt: Yes! We always add some kind of dirt into our experiences! If you want to bring your vehicle, you are absolutely welcome to (please advise Charlene on what to accommodate the trail choice). For this trip we will be on the dirt Friday and Sunday, nothing difficult that a stock'ish vehicle can join in on.

Packing List: Everything!....NO just kidding!! You will get a specific packing list the week before the event you registered for.  Basically: 3 days in an active classroom, 2 days on the trail and slumber party clothes. Trail clothes means closed toe shoes, gloves, pants or shorts, then layering tops for the weather. Of course I love it when you wear Ladies Offroad Network gear! 🙂


If you have any questions, please reach out to us 480-490-2019 or We can help you with specific questions or have you speak to someone that did participated in the same experience last year.

About RescueTNT

Charlene has partnered with Dan Barela and the team at RescueTNT to provide this incredible opportunity. We will go to their facility in New Mexico to maximize the experience. Here is more about them:


Challenge Your Mind and Skills at Rescue Tactics and Training!

At Rescue Tactics and Training, you will be taught by extremely qualified faculty members with many years of experience.

Here are some of the reasons that set us apart:

  • The most experienced staff worldwide
  • Experts in the fields they instruct
  • Pioneers in the fields they are involved in

Review Website HERE

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