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2021 Scavenger Hunt

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Join the Fun! Register Now! You Can!

$39 - Registration
$35.10 - Member Registration
$31.20 - Lifetime Registration
$99 -
Registration + LON Support
$149 – Registration + LON Support + Scholarship for Lady who Cannot Afford
Membership Training Credit - Use Your 1x Training Credit for this Experience
Can Not Afford? Submit Scholarship Need Form (not guaranteed)

Why is there a Cost?  I want you to invest in this opportunity. FREE isn’t a serious investment. This is all about you!

You DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER to join the Challenge!! However, Members will receive their 10% off.  To receive Discount become a Yearly Member to waive 90-day waiting period. CLICK HERE

What is the Scavenger Hunt?

Explore ~ Adventure ~ Learn

The 1st Annual 2021 Ladies Offroad Scavenger Hunt is bound to be full of fun, laughs and learning. This unique experience will combine Adventure and Learning to give you more tools for success! Ladies will participate in finding 20 "things" spanning over 10 weeks. Each "thing" will be related to offroading in some way and will be accompanied by a short lesson on why this "thing" is important. The list will tap into each persons Skills, Tools, Heart and Mind. They are built to be: Hard / Easy ; For Beginners / Intermediates / Advanced. They are expected to be: F-U-N and at least one should push you outside your comfort zone. 

The Scavenger Hunt will officially open on Monday August 30th and run to mid-November. There is plenty of time to find as many "things" as you can. There will be two drawings. One drawing will be for some Grand Prizes for those that fine all 20 "things".  There will be another drawing that will include your name for as many "things" as you find. For example, if you find 10, your name will be in the drawing 10 times. Essentially anyone can win with finding a minimum of one "thing"!

In 2020 we had this set to happen on the Calendar...but we all know what happened that year. 🙂 Be part of history in 2021...


What are we Hunting?

I can't tell you exactly what you will be searching for and learning about because that would spoil all the fun...but I can give you a brief category list. This is supposed to be an adventure! I will teach you about each so you won't be asked to do something without information and tools to be successful. (There will be videos and written elements for each)  YES! You can do this!!

Find a....

  • Flower
  • Safety Equiptment
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Tool
  • Vehicle Part
  • Building
  • Your Favorite...
  • Animal
  • Dirt 🙂
  • Food
  • Landmark
  • Let a Lady know about LON

I can't wait to get going on this! It is going to be so fun!!

Tools Provided

You will utilize our two systems: Bower Academy and WhatsApp. These online systems are very user friendly and supply a lot of information and opportunity for you to be successful. Both can be utilized on a desktop or as a phone app

Bower Academy will host the list of "things" that you will need to find. Each will be presented with a short lesson. This is a learning opportunity!

WhatsApp will bridge you to work together with other ladies who are also doing the Scavenger Hunt ~ you are not by yourself on this adventure. It is always fun watching and supporting other's success. We will learn from each other too!


Q & A

I don't have enough time?!  You have 10 weeks to find as many as you can. You will have a lot of time in comparison to what you have to do. There are some that you get right away so you have all 10 weeks to get them done (like go offroad). Others have deadlines, because we all work better on a deadline! 😉   Oh, and, you need to make some time for YOU to LEARN and GROW. 

I don't have an offroad vehicle?! That is ok!  You don't really need one except for a couple items...but you can find a friend!  You will be in a online group where you can work with other ladies in your area or you can get help from any group!

I can't afford to participate?! We got you! There is a scholarship option for the enrollment portion. There is no money involved in the rest of the scavenger hunt other than some gas and lunch money for your adventure days.

I can't do them all?!  Hmmm, first, you can will receive instructions on how to do each of them.  You are not expected to know how to do everything when starting. 
Life happens ~ do the best you can! I get it! Therefore, if you compete 3 of the 20, know that your name is going into the pot 3 times for the random drawing for goodies!  Do as many as you can...which is better than nothing.

I can't take any more time off?!  That is ok! You don't need to take any "time off work" to do any of the Scavenger Hunt.  You arrange around your schedule completely. 

STEP 1: Register Now

Register by August 30th

CLICK HERE to Join the Fun!

STEP 2: Start Scavenger Hunt

Starts August 30

We have learned from past experiences to glide into the first week of our projects. Helping you get familiar with the tools that you have to work with. Of course you will be given a couple items to look for right away so you can practice.

They are built to be: Hard / Easy   ; For Beginners / Intermediates / Advanced

They are expected to be: F-U-N and at least one will push you outside your comfort zone

Groups or Alone: You can work together with local ladies or you can complete on your own

No Money: You will not need to purchase anything to complete this scavenger hunt 

STEP 3: Scavenger Hunt Continues

Aug 30 – Nov 15

We will continue to launch more of the Scavenger Hunt lessons and things to go find. It will be FUN!

You will receive an email that will lead you to the newest lesson.

Submit Your Finished Items via Email to

  • You will have access to submit your finished work for points.
  • You DO NOT need Social Media, or have to be a Member, to complete the Scavenger Hunt successfully!!
  • You will check the specific Scavenger Hunt item off your To-Do list in Bower Academy to keep track.

(Aye! This is so exciting, and I’m just typing up the How-it-works! 
Wait until you see the items we are going to look for and the How-To  lessons! This is all about learning…)

STEP 4: Scavenger Hunt Ends

November 15

Make sure all the Scavenger Hunt items you were able to complete are submitted and accounted for PRIOR TO this Date.

STEP 5: Drawing Announcement

December 11, 2021

Ladies Offroad Network December Bash
Saturday Night December 11th

Saturday night is a VERY special night at the December Bash in Arizona. Hosted during the 12 Days of Giving, we will be going LIVE with all the ladies to help pull winners and announce who gets the special prizes!  

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