Strengthen Your Local Offroad Community - Nominate a Local Leader

“I have positioned Ladies Offroad Network as a national platform for women to feel comfortable and be successful while enjoying all their offroad activities.  While doing so, I have recognized some amazing women that have been supplying their local offroading communities with opportunities to be empowered, learn skills, and be part of a circle of women that share a common interest. Well, it is an exciting time as our circles now get to grow and interlock. My goal is to help these Local Leaders with tools to be even more successful!  My toolbox is full of information, education, training, and management skills that I want to share with these ladies, so that they can continue to share more with their communities!  Ladies Offroad Network replaces no one, it only helps us all grow together and build a stronger community.” ~ Charlene Bower

What is a Local Leader?

In the terms of Ladies Offroad Network, a Local Leader is an amazing lady that supports and encourages offroaders: women, men, and kids. They are the lady in your offroading circle that you turn to for questions and receive an honest answer, even if that is, “I don’t know, but we can find out.” They are the ladies who are on the trail encouraging other ladies to drive or ride, and including them in their circle. They embrace people and help when needed, allowing them to grow.

A Local Leader can be on the trail with you, she can be a leader on social media, she can be a club member, etc.

Why Nominate a Local Leader?

First, they need to be recognized for being awesome and supporting your group!

Second, Local Leaders will have the opportunity to work directly with Charlene and the Ladies Offroad Network team to source education to answer questions. They will have access to certified trainer information, management options, event packages, event giveaways, print materials, featured articles, and more opportunities in the works! It is our goal to provide a safe environment for these leaders to get the information and assistance they need to be successful.  

How Do You Nominate a Local Leader?

It's easy to nominate a Local Leader! Download the nomination form and send it to

The deadline for the first round of nominations is Monday, June 26, 2017. The first group of Local Leaders will be announced Thursday, June 29, 2017.