What is the Ladies Offroad Convention?

The Ladies Offroad Convention is an action-packed, interactive 4-day weekend educating, motivating, and guiding all offroad ladies. The 2017 Convention will be held in Colorado Springs, CO August 3-6, 2017.  Ladies will have hands-on opportunities to learn all types of offroading skills and then we will take it inside to challenge our minds and learn from offroad ladies through their stories.

"As I travel across the country I am lucky to meet amazing offroad ladies, that all tend to say the same thing:  'I wish we had a safe place to learn' or, 'I don't know any other offroad girls like myself'.  Well, we are answering both of those requests all while hosted by my team and myself in a fun and exciting style that we love to provide!  This is a first in the Offroad Industry and I am excited to provide a platform for Ladies to shine!"  ~ Charlene

Who is Invited?

YOU!  Every offroading Lady out there should be in attendance!  Whether you are a driver, co-driver,  racer, passenger, mother, business owner, worker, or hobbyist, you are welcome. We aim to meet the needs of every lady who loves offroad by providing a space to learn more about offroad activities, plus share experiences and stories with other ladies that share the same passion.

Ladies at every level of offroading will find something to participate in and push themselves to learn more in a comfortable and fun environment.  4x4, MX, ATV, SXS Enthusiast, Racers and Business Owners are encouraged to meet like-minded ladies.  No vehicle is necessary, in fact, it is discouraged.

Ladies 18 years or older are welcome.  Mom's or guardians feel free to bring your daughter, 13+ can attend accompanied by adult.


WHEN:  Thursday, August 3, 2017 to Sunday, August 6, 2017
WHERE:  Hotel Elegant√©, Colorado Springs, Colorado (Flights into Colorado Springs (COS) or Denver International Airport (DEN))
LIMIT:  No Limit on Guests, but there are Limits on Seminars and Adventures. Hotel Rooms will sell out by May. Book now!
PRICE INCLUDES:  Two days of Instruction + Exciting Adventure + Multiple Activities & Parties + All Meals for 4 days + Transportation to & from Airports and Events.  Essentially, it is an all inclusive-price.  You are responsible for your travel expenses to COS or DEN, Lodging, and any additional alcohol beverages.

$500 Per Person + but you can add one friend or family member for only $250! Buy One, Get One Half Off!

  • Save Your Place non-refundable deposit of $100 is available today. Registration must be paid in full by August 1, 2017 or the opportunity will diminish as seats are filled. CLICK HERE to hold your spot!
  • Price is all-inclusive, excluding travel, lodging, and alcohol. 
  • Reserve your Hotel Room - Group Rate Information, Reserve your RV Spot and Information about Traveling to the event  CLICK HERE
  • Minimum 18 years old, 13+ years old if accompanied by an adult.


Thursday we will start the activities as soon as you arrive and check-in with our welcoming staff.  There will be a dozen stations set up around the conference room where you can learn something new or test your skills.  Simple, fun but may also be challenging.  Our vendors and partners will also have booths to stop by.  Of course we will add a little competitive spirit to the afternoon, so don't plan on coming in at the last minute.

Some examples of a station would be "How to make a Rescueband Bracelet", "How 4-Wheel Drive is Engaged, the Mechanics", "Tricks and Tips for Cooking over a Campfire", "How to Tie Knots".   Each station is built to be a casual 15-20 minute stop.  

These unique stations will be ideas of, and hosted by, our 2016 Ladies Co-Driver Challenge Top 10, the 2017 Ladies Offroad Challenge Top 10 and our Brand Ambassadors.  You will get to meet and interact with ladies you have cheered on during the challenges and events throughout 2016 and 2017.


On Friday, you will get the chance to choose 4 seminars of your choice in addition to one required seminar that everyone will attend. The seminars are built around various aspects of offroading. We encourage you to attend one where you feel confident in knowing most of the information and can sharpen your skills and then, step outside of your comfort zone and attend seminars that push you to try something new or attack a skill you have always wanted to learn.

All of the seminars are hands-on and may be outside or inside, depending on the topic. Our Offroading Style seminar will be required and will cover safety, spotting, and pulling a winch line!  (Don't worry, it's actually fun!)  Additional seminar topics will include: "Recovery 101", "Recovery 202", "Outdoor Photography", "How To Back Up a Trailer", "Racer Strategy", "Offroad Marketing for Business and Racing", "Vehicle Sympathy and Maintenance", "Navigation 101", "Offroad Business Round Table", "Kids on the Trails", "Cooking Outdoors", "Overlanding 101", and more.  If you have a seminar topic that interests you, please email us for consideration. 

You will be able to choose your 4 seminars in July in order of registration. Register early to be at the front of the line! Seating for some seminars may be limited and will sell out.


Colorado Springs in August boasts perfect weather with historic averages being in the low 70's during the day and mid 40's at night.  Saturday morning we will leave the comforts of the convention center and go explore the beautiful area that sits at the base of Pikes Peak.  You will be able to choose your Adventure from a list of different options.  Fitting the theme to the weekend, we hope that you will try something new or step a little outside of your comfort zone.

All of the Adventures are outdoors, hands-on and will be fun!  Some examples, but not limited to, "Medium Trail Ride in Your Own Vehicle", "Horseback Riding", "White Water Rafting", "Zip-Lining", "Cog-Train to top of Pikes Peak - Train down, Hike down or Bike down!", "Garden of the Gods Tours", "Old Town Shopping & Spa", "Hot Air Balloon", "ATV Tour", "US Air Force Academy Tour", "USA Olympic Center Tour".  

You will be able to choose your Adventure in order of registration in July.  Register early for the convention to be at the front of the registration line.  Seats may be limited in some of the Adventures and will sell out.


2017 Ladies Offroad Convention

Nightly Speakers

Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings we will utilize our time learning from some of the strong women in the Offroad Industry.  Each has a completely different story, outlook and communication style to deliver a motivational and intriguing message. 

Pool Party

When you return from your Adventure on Saturday, join the group for an afternoon around Hotel Elegant√©'s beautiful pool.  This is a casual and great opportunity to network with other ladies, ask questions of speakers and instructors, continue conversations with ladies, and of course, tell stories and list to others'.  

Theme Parties Every Night

We like to party!  Each night we will host a themed party that will bring some entertainment and fun to the dance floor.  Enjoy a nice glass of wine with new friends or hop out onto the dance floor and show off your skills!  We will be teaching a few of the common line dances on Thursday night and repeating them each night so you can master them!

Excellent Food

We love to indulge in excellent food and we have scoped out the best opportunities for our breakfasts, lunches and dinners - and of course snacks!  We are aware of special diets and can help accommodate them. 


Lady Racers, we will have a couple special programs for you to attend.  Learn more about Racer Marketing and Strategy, plus network with other racers that can help with building your competitive advantages.  Guaranteed to leave with a solid fan base too!

Small Business

Owning a Small Business is a challenging tasks - we know!  Meet with other like-minded offroad business owners in a round-circle environment to work through challenges and solutions.  Charlene will also offer multiple classes on business and marketing.


We respect everyone's dedication to a higher spirit.  Charlene's best friend Dawn lives local to the area and owns a Rodeo Company.  The two used to travel together to rodeos and always enjoyed Cowboy Church on Sundays.  We will offer an early morning message for those who would like to join.


Meet People

All the ladies in attendance will be similar in nature to yourself.  Fun, excited to learn, willing to jump outside the box, and looking to meet others. Through different activities you will get to meet and work with the whole group.



Who doesn't like to shop?  We will have our Ladies Offroad Network store open, featuring new items, trinkets, and offroad products.  We will have the I'm Not Just a Girl line on display alongside our Partner and Sponsor booths that will be offering special discounts and opportunities specifically for the Ladies in attendance.

The industry professionals working the booths are here specifically to help engage, educate, and encourage women in offroading. So, please take time to speak to each and utilize their knowledge in this unique opportunity. 


Giving back, helping others, and being kind are extremely important to Charlene.  There will be a 24 hour Charity Corner set up where Ladies can help build something awesome. Then, the final event of the Ladies Offroad Convention weekend will be built around helping and motivating others with the skills learned over the weekend. 

This event is listed as an optional event to allow ladies to travel early if needed. We sincerely hope that everyone will have the opportunity to stay and participate.  Details will follow when appropriate.