It’s been thought that we should call them “Bower Bucks” or go with something simple like “Store Credit” – whatever you want to call them is fine with us. The point is that you can earn and use these credits while participating in Ladies Offroad Network.

How can I earn Store Credit?

There will different ways that you will be able to earn store credit, some long-term opportunities and some short-term, quick opportunities.  Participating in the Ladies Offroad Network communications will keep you up to date with the most recent opportunities.

Currently, the long-term opportunities include:

How will I know I have Store Credit?

You will receive an email from the Bower Media team with a specific code generated for you. The dollar amount and expiration date will be included.  It is effective immediately. Please print the email for future reference to utilize.

Who is Bower Media?

Charlene Bower is the founder of Ladies Offroad Network.  She owns Bower Motorsports Media who is the parent company of multiple projects including Ladies Offroad Network, I’m Not Just a Girl, Offroad Marketing School, and others.

What Can I Purchase?

Because you have store credit at our main store, you can purchase anything from any of the brands! This allows you to grab an I’m Not Just a Girl Shirt, Bower Media shirt, some education from the Offroad Marketing School, and of course, anything to do with Ladies Offroad Network, including joining us at the upcoming Convention!

*Please see each item's description. There may be limitations for use of Store Credit. You cannot use Store Credit for Ladies Offroad Network Memberships.

Am I limited in how I can use my store credit?

No, not technically. Beyond the above mentioned possible product limitations, you can purchase away! 

YES! You can use multiple codes for the same purchase! Feel free to save up and use on a larger purchase.

Does the Store Credit Expire?

Yes, within one year from being issued. We will email you a reminder one month before expiration. We do suggest that you keep a record of your numbers, dollars, and expiration dates.