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Should We Visit You in 2020?

Locations Being Considered:

Get as many Ladies as possible in your Area to Comment via the FB or IG link (or below in the comments) to let me know that you want us to come to one of these locations:

If you are between two locations, you can comment on both! We will be looking at neighboring areas...

Albuquerque, NM - FB link  /  IG link

Atlanta, GA - FB link  /  IG link

Birmingham, AL - FB link  /  IG link

Boise, ID - FB link  /  IG link

Burlington, Canada - FB link  /  IG link

Calgary, Canada - FB link  /  IG link

Carlise, PA - FB link  /  IG link

Charleston, SC - FB link  /  IG link

Chicago, IL - FB link  /  IG link

Cleveland, OH - FB link  /  IG link

Dallas / Fort Worth, TX - FB link  /  IG link

Denver, CO - FB link  /  IG link

Glen Burnie, MD - FB link  /  IG link

Houston, TX - FB link IG link

Jacksonville, FL - FB link  /  IG link

Kansas City, KS - FB link  IG link

Langley, Canada - FB link  /  IG link

Las Vegas, NV - FB link  /  IG link

Little Rock, AR - FB link  /  IG link

Minneapolis, MN - FB link  /  IG link

Montreal, Canada - FB link  /  IG link

Nashville, TN - FB link IG link

Oklahoma City, OK - FB link  /  IG link

Orlando, FL - FB link  /  IG link

Phoenix, AZ - FB link  /  IG link

Portland, OR - FB link  /  IG link

Raleigh, NC - FB link  /  IG link

Reno, NV - FB link  /  IG link

Richmond, VA - FB link  /  IG link

Riverside, CA - FB link IG link

Sacramento, CA  - FB link  /  IG link

Salt Lake City, UT - FB link  /  IG link

San Antonio, TX - FB link  /  IG link

San Jose, CA - FB link  /  IG link

Seattle, WA - FB link  /  IG link

Tulsa, OK - FB link  /  IG link

Your Feedback Matters

Should we come to YOUR TOWN in 2020?

We have between 8 to 16 weekends available to host an amazing 3-day program. That is a lot less than the 75 stops we did this year.  Charlene came up with a list of 36 locations that she feels would work, but that still hasn't narrowed it down enough. Therefore, we need your help in understanding who wants the program the most!

Feedback runs from Monday December 16 to Monday December 23.  

To have your feedback count, I need to be able to find it in one of these 3 locations:

  1. Facebook Image for your specific area: Please leave a comment.   CLICK HERE for gallery
  2. Instagram Image for your specific area: Please leave a comment.   CLICK HERE
  3. At the Bottom of this Page there is a Comments section. Please state the Location of Interest first.   SCROLL DOWN

Each individual person who comments counts towards the total number interested. This is going to be a little bit of a numbers game ~ the more interest ~ the more momentum for that area. Get the word out to your local ladies to jump on this opportunity.

What are we looking for in the comment? Start with a "Yes, I want you to come!" then maybe add some suggestions on wheeling areas (within the 2 hour drive max), the tourist attraction that most represents your area or suggest other ladies that may be interested in joining the fun.

If you don't see one that is in your town, can you please find the one that is closest to you and give feedback on how far away it is and if you would make the commitment to come for three days of hands-on learning and fun.

Our Location and Date schedule will be released after the first of the year. 



9am - 12pm:  Tourist Exploration
      Location: TBD

4:30pm - 10pm: A Grand Offroad Evening
      Location: Host Hotel
      4:30-6 - Cocktails
      6:30 - Dinner
      7 - 9 - Charlene Educates
      9 - ? - Chatter
Everyone welcome to this Dinner Event! Members, Non-Members, Husbands, Significant Others, Kids - this is the event we want EVERYONE to come to!


9am-3pm: 6 hour Hands-On Trail Training Class
      Location: 4 Wheel Parts
for those who have already taken the class, you will have 3 stations to complete: 2 Education Pods and 1 Valued Feedback Research Project
      Location: Host Hotel

6pm - 9pm: Bowling!
      Location: Bowling Alley
      A fun laughing evening where we get to know each other better.  
      There will be a local score winner and a overall year-long national winner too (because we all like a little competition in our life!)


9am - 3pm: Take Me Wheeling, Please
      Location: Within 2 hours drive time
      Let's hit the dirt trails
      Members Only, must have attended 2 other events throughout the weekend

OR if offroading location is over 2 hours away we will
9am - 12pm: Trail Techniques @ hotel
12pm - 4pm: Giveback Project for Local Ladies who are Challenged - Teaching about Vehicles
      Location: Host Hotel

There will be a all inclusive price for the weekend
       Will include all activities, lunches, dinners and more.  Does NOT include housing and transportation to event.

There will be a-la-carte prices for the separate events

*To join Sunday's Trail Ride you must have participated in 2 other events from the weekend and be a standing National Member

Other Information to Mention:
We will have a Hotel Block with Discounted Rates at our host hotel

You never know if Charlene will have special guests appear at random times throughout the weekend!

You will be showered with Gifts!!!  🙂

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