A New Adventure

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  1. "As the days went by, that silver FJ consumed my thoughts entirely. Every rational part of my brain fought for all the reasons it would be a bad idea; to have a car payment again, how I didn’t need a gas-guzzler, what would I even do with a 4x4, etc. Nothing I did could shake my intense desire for this rig. So, a couple weeks before Thanksgiving, I decided to stop at the lot for a look-see; but knew before I even got the back tires of my little rink-a-dink Ford Fusion on their lot, that I wouldn’t be leaving in the same vehicle. After looking at it for roughly 30 seconds, I told the sales guy, “I’ve had the worst year of my life, and I’ll be damned if one good thing doesn’t happen to me this year… I’m taking this FJ home.”

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