We welcome you to be part of a nationwide network of amazing ladies that all share one thing in common: a love for offroading! (Ok, and maybe dirt under our nails too!) Founded by Charlene Bower, Ladies Offroad Network is a community for offroad ladies across the country to join together to Guide, Educate and Motivate each other while enjoying their 4x4, UTV, ATV, MC, snowmobile, RC car, etc.

Our membership rate is $120 per year. Become a member today!
10% off: $27/quarterly*     20% off: $97/yearly

LIFETIME MEMBER: $67 / for 6 Months**
20% off: $327 one time (less than 3 years provides a lifetime!)

Previous Quarterly or Yearly membership builds credit towards a Lifetime Membership. Email or Text for a discounted invoice to upgrade. LadiesOffroadNetwork@gmail.com or 480-490-2019

{PRICE INCREASE for Lifetime Membership will be effective January 1, 2022}


We have learned that significant others would like to participate in SUPPORTING YOU as a member. We are excited to see this and support from our edge as well. Therefore, we have created a Supporting Membership that gives them the ability to Represent with a FREE Tshirt and Engage in our education classes too so you can continue the conversation at dinner and be successful together while on the trails!

Become a SUPPORTING Member!        22% off: $77/yearly


Guests are sincerely welcome at events, online, and on our website, but membership absolutely matters:

* No Vehicle Necessary * All Types of Vehicles Welcome * Learning with or without a Vehicle * Seats ARE Always Available within our Group!

Lifetime Members Receive:  

  • Special Lifetime Memento Gift Box
  • Yearly Recognition
  • Request "Lifetime Member" Badge on Clothing Orders
  • Forever Access. No Renewal Challenges that obstruct Member ONLY areas.
  • Special Access to Bower Academy

+ All our Member Benefits:

  • One FREE Ladies Offroad Training session.***
  • Access to e-Workshops with Industry Professionals
  • Significant Discounts for Clothing and Offroad Accessories and Parts via BowerMediaStore.com and directly through our partners.*
  • Participate in huge giveaways.*
  • All Access to carry on the conversation in our password protected Members ONLY area.
  • Receive Weekly LIVE and Email communication including updates and events.
  • Two Ladies Offroad Network member stickers in your color choice.
  • VIP opportunities at events across the country.
  • Special invites to events. 10% off events with charge.
  • Opportunity to Participate in Local Events and Activities.
  • Discounts and coupons offered by our partners and advertisers.
  • Vote in polls and participate in surveys having your voice heard!
  • Opportunity to host Network'ing events.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Ladies Offroad Network Leadership Program.
  • Unlimited new offroad friendships worldwide.  New laugh lines!
  • An immediate support group, inspiration and encouragement.
  • Locked membership rate

+New features and benefits are added regularly!

* Quarterly member discounts, giveaways and webpages will be activated after 90 days of membership.
** Lifetime Membership date and benefits will apply once all 6 installments are completed.
*** Up to $50 value.  If quarterly or monthly, opportunity becomes available after 90 days.  Ladies Offroad Network will announce what programs qualify.

Supporting Member Benefits:

  • One FREE Ladies Offroad Network Eagle Tshirt (S-3XL) (Code comes immediately in Activation Email - $29.74 value)
  • Access to e-Workshops with Industry Professionals
  • Significant Discounts for Clothing and Offroad Accessories and Parts via BowerMediaStore.com
  • Discounts and coupons offered by our partners and advertisers.
  • Participate in huge giveaways.
  • VIP opportunities at events across the country.

***** Store Credit and Discounts cannot be used for Memberships *****

Earn Referral Store Credit

Would you like to earn $5 per referral to www.BowerMediaStore.com? We appreciate you letting your friends know about Ladies Offroad Network and want to give you a gift of your choosing in return… in the form of store credit! 

Be sure your friends use your full name as the referral person when signing up.  We will reconcile your referrals quarterly and issue store credit.

Give the Gift of Membership

Looking for that perfect gift for someone special?  Give the gift of Ladies Offroad Network Membership!  Click the Membership Option then use all their current information to process the membership.



LIFETIME Member Badge

  • Special Lifetime Memento Gift Box with branded Ladies Offroad Network gifts. This box will change over time as new items become available. 
  • Yearly Recognition from Ladies Offroad Network and at the Ladies Offroad Convention.
  • Request "Lifetime Member" Badge on Clothing Orders. When ordering your clothing please put "Lifetime Member" in the notes and we will add a Lifetime Member badge to the sleeve or appropriate area of the apparel to recognize you publicly.
  • Forever Access. No Renewal Challenges that obstruct Member ONLY areas. Eliminate any hassle of having to wonder if you can log in or get discounts. Know that you will ALWAYS have access.
  • Special Access to Bower Academy. This will be expanded upon when Bower Academy is released.

In Addition to All the Member Benefits Below:



We are always adding new features and benefits with plans to roll out some amazing opportunities in the future. We WANT all of our members to take advantage of them!

One FREE Ladies Offroad Training

Our #1 goal is education. We offer multiple online and in person Training Classes and programs. We want you to take advantage of the opportunity to participate by using your one-time FREE training class. When programs become available there will be a option to get the FREE training class code to bypass payment.

Access to Weekly e-Workshops

eWorkshops that feature education topics taught by Charlene and/or a guest Industry Professional. These are hosted LIVE so you can interact, ask questions and discuss the topics. Post event recaps include printable 1-sheets for your binder, replay videos including Q&A and additional information requested. Access is limited to Members Only.

Significant Partner Discounts

Our Partners are RAD. They sincerely want you to be successful. They are very generous in offering discount to our group either all the time or during specific blocks of time. Take advantage of these opportunities.

BowerMediaStore.com Discounts

Time to go shopping! As a member, you will receive a special discount code for 10% off purchases in our store, BowerMediaStore.com. This includes Ladies Offroad Network, I’m Not Just a Girl and Bower Media products.

Participate in Giveaways


As a member, you are eligible to participate our  giveaways. You will need to login to our Member Only Area to quickly add a post to the current thread that "you want to win!" It is a simple task to be sure to have the ability to win something significant!  The giveaways are announced and given away during our weekly Tuesday LIVE@5. 



Password Protected Members ONLY Area


Based on our research, one thing is certain—conversations are being split up between social media outlets. Bringing the conversation to our Member Only Website helps eliminate that. (You will hear us refer to it as Wild Apricot) Every member has the opportunity to participate, learn, and engage on the same level. You can easily access it on your phone, tablet or computer. We want everyone to join in on the conversation!


Ladies Offroad Network Member Stickers

When you become a member, you will receive a form to fill out that asks you what color Ladies Offroad Network member stickers you would like!  We love to send you stuff, so be sure to keep your address up to date!

Personal Webpage

You will be given the opportunity to have your own personal page featured on Ladies Offroad Network. Your webpage includes a paragraph about you, social media links, and a Q&A. It will also list and link the specifics of your vehicle. Plus, it will feature the articles you submit to Ladies Offroad Network. This is a hub for everything you do offroad! Your webpage address will be LadiesOffroadNetwork.com/firstname-lastname

Once a member, we will email you a content outline for you to complete. Do the best you can, and don’t worry if you don’t have a vehicle or have multiple. We also ask for photos that you own of you being awesome offroad! We will handle the editing and publishing process. You can email us to update your information at any time, or we will contact you annually for any new information.


Weekly LIVE and Email Communication

Every Tuesday night at 5pm pst / 8pm est Charlene goes LIVE via Facebook and Instagram stories to talk about the most recent programs and happenings at Ladies Offroad Network. To stay engaged and maintain the conversation we encourage you to watch and ask questions LIVE. After the LIVE, Charlene uploads the video to YouTube for those who don't engage in FB and IG. She brakes down the video into a email that has time stamps so you can go directly to the topic that interests you the most in the replay. Emails are 99% of the time sent late on Tuesday Night.

VIP Opportunities at Events

We like to attend offroading events across the country! Charlene is always putting together VIP opportunities for our members to join her for a Behind-the-Scenes opportunity, a dinner, a hands-on experience or meeting offroad legends! As a member, you will be the first to know to register early, especially if there is a cap on the number of attendees. Watch your email and check the mail for these special invites – we want you to join us! 

Participate in Our Programs

We run multiple educational and fun programs throughout the year.  Members receive 10% off Our Programs, unless they are already set as Member Only Opportunities.

In addition, Ladies Offroad Network is proud to be able to provide multiple programs which include being featured as a Business Owner or  Offroad Group to highlight our members.

Opportunity to Participate in Local Events and Activities

There are times when we want to limit our group to just our Members. There are different reasons for the different situations, so tune in as these opportunities arise. These events will generally be hosted by a member of our Leadership Group and will offer education or networking.

Host Network'ing Events

To encourage local interaction with members and non-members, current members are encouraged and asked to host Network'ing Events. These events are in guidelines with provided marketing and materials from Ladies Offroad Network to ensure a consistent experience across the country.

Ladies Offroad Network Leadership Program

Do you want to help other ladies be just as successful as you are with Ladies Offroad Network? We need your help! We have a program where you join a core group of ladies that work directly with Charlene to learn more about Ladies Offroad Network and have the exclusive opportunity to represent LON at events.

Unlimited New Offroad Friendships Worldwide

Guaranteed New Laugh Lines is the worst part about this benefit! 🙂  It is amazing what happens when you have the ability to meet ladies "Just Like You" that you never thought existed. You smile. They get your joke. They don't mind dirt under their nails either. WE are All Alike! We like to have FUN Offroad...with no drama 🙂

Immediate Support Group

I am honored and proud to be able to state that when you join LON you will have an immediate support group, inspiration and encouragement from ladies around the country. This was something I could only hope for when building this Network. I work hard to maintain our level of consistency and positive energy. Thank you for bringing the same to the group!!  ~ Charlene

Vote in Polls

We want to know what you think. Our members are at the core of our future, so we give you the opportunity to voice your opinions through polls via email and during LIVE@5's. Anytime you have a suggestion, question or idea, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your idea may inspire the next great plan!!

Locked Rate

When you become a member today, your membership rate is locked in forever*, which means your rate will never increase!

*Must maintain consistent membership through yearly, quarterly or Monthly renewal. Reestablishing a membership may result in a new rate.

More Features & Benefits

We are always adding new features and benefits with plans to roll out some amazing opportunities in the future. We hope all of our members will take advantage!

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are here to help you be successful!