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2021 Party Plans

This page is being added to DURING the 12 Days of Giving. Each night a new topic is released and the details will be added here. The FINAL Calendar will be available by December 18th.  Everything before that date is a "WORK IN PROGRESS".  Excited to have fun with you in 2021!!
Thank you!! Charlene

2021 Schedule

Different categories of activities will be added to the schedule throughout the 12 Days of Giving. Follow along LIVE throughout the 12 days...CLICK HERE for more details.

This schedule is as True as we can have it considering the challenges of the day. We will adjust if necessary, but lets do everything we can to stick to this plan!  

There will be a 2021 Calendar available as a PDF that you can print and put into your binder. The whole year will be available immediately and then you will have updated pages at the beginning of each month with the most current information on it.


Glamping w/ Charlene

Camping with Charlene

You want to go out and learn on the trail and in camp? You want to enjoy the fresh air, amazing food and gut busting laughs? You want to sleep outside but enjoy a shower and flushing toilets? (or, get a hotel 5 minutes away?) You want to join us for an adventure of a lifetime? We hope you will!!  Put something positive on your calendar and have something to look forward to!!

Listen to Charlene Talk About the Experiences during 12 Days of Giving: 

NO VEHICLE NECESSARY. Passenger seats ARE available (and fun!)  You can RENT Offroad Capable Jeeps from local sources.
It is OK to FLY in to participate. PHX or AZA (Mesa-Gateway)
NO CAMPING GEAR NECESSARY. We have 10 camping kits that we can offer (while supplies last)

THEMES:  Each of the 5 day parties have a theme.  Most are 2 days on the trail and 1 day in camp learning or activity, unless otherwise noted. There is a lot of fun'ness within each. There will be a National Leaderboard activity so that each group can compete within their group and within all the groups.

  • Everyone: Doesn't matter your skill level or vehicle, we will take account for everyone in the group and have a GREAT time!
  • Newbies: Specifically designed to "start at the beginning" with recovery and driving skills. 
  • 5+ Big Rocks: 3 days of big fun in Arizona!  35"+ Tires, Lockers, Disconnects are the minimum.
  • RV Focus: 2 days of hands on learning around RV's and 1 day fun trail ride.
  • Navigation Focus: Let's get lost and then get found using different Navigation techniques.
  • Kids: Parent must accompany and have their own vehicle. Fun Youth focused activities.
  • Husbands: Your guys are welcome! 
  • ATV/UTV: Must bring either your UTV or ATV. No 4x4 vehicles for this one. 

Day 1 - Start by 4pm - Come earlier (shoot for noon) to get camp setup and participate in a lot of opening activities. 
Day 2, 3 & 4 - Full days of activities depending on theme and wants.
Day 5 - Leave in morning or may have an optional morning activity to participate in.

PRICE INCLUDES: All inclusive less travel to get to destination, souvenirs and alcohol. You are responsible for hotel cost if you choose, we do have a discounted group rate. Tent packages are available for Free (limited qty).
All food, tent camping area, activities, toilets, showers, transport to and from airport, gifts and so much more is included.

$499 for 5 days experience
Members 20% off = $399
* Commit now knowing that if "COVID happens" that you can call us and we will put another event onto your calendar to look forward to. Apply it forward, not refunded.

King of the Hammers & Easter Jeep Safari

This is a different situation completely. These are run by event promoters that are doing the best they can to produce the event for you. I have NO control if they choose to do the event or not. However, what ever their decision is I will support 100%...even if that means staying home. 

As we get closer to the event, I will release more information about how we will be participating. 

5th Annual Convention

Yes, we will have our 5th Annual Convention! I can not tell you what it is going to look like right now, but my hope is that we will be able to get back into a hotel and have guest speakers work with you hands-on.  This is our original and flagship event ~ it is 100% worth putting on your calendar!

Listen to Charlene Talk About the Experiences during 12 Days of Giving: 

Regardless, we will have an awesome time and it WILL BE strategically different from a Glamping w/ Charlene experience. Industry guests will be present and teaching.

PRICING: $500 per person  //  Bring a Friend 1/2 Off   (can not be someone who has previously attended a Convention)

LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona.   (If we need to camp, it will be moved up north to the cooler mountains)

Bogi's Girl Gang Garage

More Information Coming Soon

Wilderness First Aid + Situational Awareness

More Information Coming Soon

Impulse Offroad Takeover

More Information Coming Soon

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