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Ladies Offroad Adventure 2020 East


Date:  April 27 - May 1

Start: Monday April 27 - Gatlinburg, TN
Finish: Friday May 1 - Knoxville, TN 
Finish Bonus: Saturday May 2 - Nashville, TN

Difficulty:  Rated 2-3
Minimum Vehicle Requirements: 31" Offroad Tires, 4x4

$1499 Per Person
+ Responsible for Fuel and Travel to and from Meeting and Finish Points

Limited to Ladies Offroad Network Members and Guests (Booking to non-LON members starts April 15th if not sold out)
15 Vehicle Maximum, (30 People)
Must fill passenger seat with LON Member or Guest

Open booking to all non LON ladies begins March 1st if space is available.

As written by Julie...

Steeped in history, green foliage, old-growth forest, bountiful gemstones, densely populated with black bears, and synchronized flashing fireflies.   This is the short-list of what you may find in the Smokies.
The Great Smoky Mountains are a mountain range rising along the Tennessee–North Carolina border in the southeastern United States, also referred to as Smokies.  The perpetual blue mist or smoke is caused by the weather within this range and the plants and trees breathing.  Mysterious, fascinating, and ready to explore!  The Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visit park in the United States. (1, 2)  
We will spend three days exploring parkways, beltways, and roads less traveled.  There will be opportunities to get out and stretch one's legs, traverse streams in your 4x4 vehicle and capture iconic scenery through photography.  We travel upwards of 6600 feet in elevation at our highest point with Clingmans Dome, offering a 360-degree view.  The southern end of our journey will take us through the town of Robbinsville, a town for its hair raising Tail of the Dragon roadway.  With  318 curves in 11 miles, it has been deemed as Americas number one motorcycle and sports car road. (3)
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Additional Notes from Charlene

(Image courtesy of Smoky Mountain Jeep Rentals)

I am very excited about this adventure around the Smokey Mountains during the spring where the wildflowers will be beautiful and in full bloom!  The driving loop including the Roaring Fork Motor Trail that we will do is easy, to say the least, but the adventure will be in the thick history, scenery, beauty, laughs and I'm certain in the evening entertainment. That is, until I take you to WindRock Park where we will put it into 4WD and enjoy some dirt therapy. Mild and Mild Plus adventures will be available for the group. Plus, in typical Charlene fashion, you never know who will join us along the way to add some entertainment value to our trip!!

I have been able to arrange hotels, houses and cabins for this trip. You will probably want to bring your pillow and blanket if you are picky, but otherwise I think the packing list will be pretty simple. Hiking shoes would be a must and casual clothing for 70's highs and mid-40's lows. 

Food, the most important topic! 🙂 We will have a series of different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day will add a little different twist, so flexibility is always a must on an adventure. Feel free to bring your most important snacks for those "just in case" moments. * Food challenges will be addressed and accounted for.

(Image courtesy of Windrock Park)

This is as much a learning week as it is an adventure.  We will have set times and places to demo different recovery tools, and (hopefully) not planned times!  Our adventures won't just involve our love of pressing the gas pedal, but it will also include a series of short hikes, some fun mining and photography. I really hope one of us finds the motherload Ruby or Sapphire! {Should we put a bounty out on the biggest one?!?}  (If you are unable to hike, please advise, and that is ok)

If you have a 4x4 vehicle and you want to bring it, great! Sign up as a Driver. 
If you are wanting to come and need to fly in and be a passenger, no problem! Sign up as a Passenger and we will match you with a driver.
One of the adventure aspects is getting to meet new people and create life-long friendships!

At the end of the 4 days of exploring we will continue our journey to Nashville, TN. You will join into one of our 3-day Tour Events!  Friday morning we will be a tourist and then in the afternoon you will help me host the evening cocktail hour, dinner and presentation.  You will have the opportunity to share your experiences with the guests in attendance and we will be able to celebrate your successes and completion of this amazing Once-In-A-Lifetime Adventure!

The most important thing that you bring with you is an open mind and the ability to go with the flow.  These are the 2 keys to a successful adventure!  Can't wait to share this opportunity with you!

Where Did This Adventure Come From?

The participants of the 2019 Ladies Offroad Challenge were asked to build their dream adventure. As part of the instructions, they were required to submit a marketing graphic and paragraph along with a bundle of research and information about how exactly the trip would proceed. When submitting, they were asked if they would like their adventure considered for our 2020 adventure.

Of the 175 Challenge participants, 33 Adventures were asked to be considered for 2020. They were separated into 19 for the West, 11 for the East and 2 that were considered Central. Charlene's goal was to host 1 East and 1 West adventure in 2020.

The 33 Adventure marketing pictures and paragraphs were printed in preparation for the Top 10 Weekend in October. As part of the Top 10 Weekend, the 10 ladies had the job to sort through all of the adventures to shorten the pile to the Top 3 picks in both the East and West. They were asked to read each paragraph and initial the back of the paper to verify that all had been read, they also added a star by their initials if they felt it would be one of their top picks.  Later that day, we pulled out a spreadsheet and the ladies were asked to rank their top 1, 2 and 3 choices.

There were many amazing options and adventures, but when Charlene reviewed the top choices, there were two that rose to the top! This is the East here for the West Adventure...

Where would you like to go in 2021? Maybe your Adventure will be considered...  Learn More About the Challenge


Julie Farr-Gay Ladies Offroad Network

Congratulations to Julie Farr-Gay who had her work chosen for the 2020 East Coast Adventure!!

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