Ladies Offroad Rock Star Award

About the Award

We want to reward those who regularly participate in the Ladies Offroad Network and help us spread the word!  Earn points per the different opportunities listed below.  At the end of each month we will recap the points on a spreadsheet and do a random drawing for a I'm Not Just a Girl package!  You will have as many entries as you have points.

At the end of the year, we will give away multiple items and do a grand prize drawing for the Ladies Offroad Rock Star Award! You must accumulate a minimum of 30 points to be included in the grand prize drawing. Each of your points is an entry. Only 1 Lucky Lady will win the grand prize!! 

The 2016 Rock Star Awards program has been underway and we have logged your points! We will run the 2016 program through March 2017 to give ladies time to participate.

The Ladies Offroad Rock Star Award will be a trip with Charlene to a iconic place with amazing people, doing amazing things. Details? Those will be released soon! 

How to Earn Points

There are many ways to participate in the Ladies Offroad Network. Watch for the Rock Star Images on all our fliers to see what you can earn for that specific scenario.

Some of the everyday ways you can start earning points are below: 

1 Point

  • Post a "Hello" Picture & Info on our Facebook Group
  • Post a Picture & Info of you Teaching on our Facebook Group
  • Post a Picture of your Wheeling Trip & Info on our Facebook Group
  • Add a Photo to our "What did you do this weekend" post
  • Add a Photo to any of our Posts asking for participation

2 Points

3 Points

5 Points

  • Enter any of our Big Event Raffles
  • Keep a stocked pamphlet holder on your business counter*
  • Brand Ambassador Attend a Meeting

15 Points

* You will need to provide visual proof in order to earn points.  Submissions are best by email: or via a post on our Ladies Offroad Network Group Page


Do you have a suggestion for a way to earn points? Contact us.