Makayla Holstein – 2017 Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry
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Makayla Holstein – 2017 Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry

Makayla Holstein
Richland, WA


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"Makayla's hobbies include anything outdoors. She loves camping, hunting, trap shooting, off-roading, hiking, geo-caching, basically anything that has to do with outdoors. I also enjoying working on her jeep and helping her friends with their off-road rigs. Any wheeling/camping trip they go on it usually falls on her to either find a map and plan a route, or have a good enough memory to get around an area just by a general idea of land marks. She loves being able to find fun and new routes just from looking at an outdated trail map and being able to piece it together."
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Makayla Holstein story picsTell us about yourself, hobbies, etc:

I enjoy anything to do with being outdoors. I love wheeling, camping and really just about anything with a good group of friends and Mother Nature. I work a lot and it always seems to follow me home so I embrace every chance I can get to be outside with no cell service, which unfortunately doesn’t happen often enough.


How long have you been offroading?

I have been offroading sense before I could ride a pedal bike. Seriously I learned to ride a dirt bike before I could ride a pedal bike. I went from dirt bikes to quads to jeeps and absolutely love every one of them.


How did you get into offroading?

I grew up offroading every weekend that we weren’t at sports game for my sister we were out in the mountains playing.


Tell us about your vehicle:

I have a 97 Jeep Wrangler with a 3.5” MetalCloak Short arm ARB edition lift, a Dana 44 rear with an OX locker ran to an electric actuator, a front G2 Core 44 with an Eaton E-Locker 4.88 gears front and rear, Tattons Custom Drivelines, a custom hydro-dipped dash with a custom designed switch panel, upgraded front seats, powder coated to match MetalCloak Arched fender system, all rolling on 35” Pitbull Rockers. The next upgrade on the list for Project Stormtrooper is a Chevy 350 swap along with a 4:1 transfer.


What has been your favorite off-road experience?

One of buddies had a computer fry on his jeep in the middle of trail my jeep was still in its baby phase at this time (33’s open open budget boost lift and no winch) and we had to pull his jeep through some of worst trails in the area on a tow rope then abandon it to drive 3 hours one way around the mountain to pick up camp and the truck and trailer and then drive 3 hours back to where his jeep was to reset up camp and pass out for few hours before heading home the next day. Yes this may not seem like a good time but it was a blast laughing constantly at our bad luck and smiling even though it sucked we didn’t let a bad deal ruin our weekend it was awesome.


What was your most exciting off-road achievement?

This is a hard one. I have many exciting moments and they all revolve around a dangerous obstacle and a male at the end telling me how good of a job I did and that they were worried about me but I handled it like pro. I guess proving to people girls can do it to is the most exciting achievement I’ve made offroading.

What excites you about off-roading?

Seeing new things. I have a huge sense of adventure so being able to get out and see new places and find new things are very exciting for me.


What do you think is the most challenging aspect of off-roading?

I think overcoming our own fear is the most challenging aspect of off-roading with the right rig it is not about if the rig is capable enough to make an obstacle it is about if the driver has the confidence and skill to maneuver the rig through the obstacle. I have seen stock rigs tackle some obstacles that fully built rigs couldn’t make it up due to the driver. Off-roading really is a skill that takes time to develop.


Which aspect of off-roading do you think is the most fun?

I think being with good people is the most fun. Having a group of 15 rigs that most started as strangers turn into everyone helping and supporting everybody new or old is awesome. I love bringing people together and wheeling always seems to get the job done.


What does prepping for an adventure look like in your world?

Prepping looks like multiple excel spread sheets of things to pack and do. There is a camping supplies list, a clothing list, a tool/rig check list, a food list, and a to do before I leave list.


What is on your off-roading bucket list ?

The top of the list is probably the Rubicon Trail, wheeling in Colorado is also up there but really I just want to wheel everywhere I think going to Puerto Rico wheeling would be awesome.


Tell us about your typical offroading companions:

My family and friends are usually my off road companions but the one guarantee I will always have with me is my dog Trigger. He rides shotgun strapped into a car seat and goes on every trip with me.


Makayla HolsteinWhat is a piece of advice you have been given that you instill in your offroading adventures?

Always keep learning. There are a million ways to do things and your way may not be the best so take advice listen and try it if it sounds safe. Also don’t have an ego that’s the best way to break stuff and get hurt. Confidence and being arrogant are two totally different things.


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Author: Makayla Holstein