Ladies Offroad Network Grand Reopening

We have had numerous successes in the year since opening Ladies Offroad Network and are excited to celebrate Bower Media's 8 year anniversary in unison. In one year, we have shown that ladies have a significant presence in the offroad market thanks to a lot of great research completed by the team at Bower Media and other companies inside the industry. Over 40% of the offroad industry consists of ladies!  

We have successfully completed the 2016 Ladies Co-Driver Challenge with a Top 10 Training Weekend, ABC Special Trail of Missions, finished 2nd in the Pro Class at 36 Hours of Uwharrie, won the first ever Rebelle Rally, and left the SEMA Show feeling successful.  The 2017 Ladies Offroad Challenge is well underway with the Achieve Tahoe Rubicon Trail Experience, 50th SCORE Baja 1000 with BFGoodrich Tires media package, and the inaugural Fury Rode competition as the events to be completed. This year's challenge also includes another Top 10 Training Weekend and an additional event in September called Ladies Offroad Wild Wheeling Weekend. Being able to take ladies from across the country on these amazing adventures is a win!  

We have challenged our team to create various Meet & Greets at events to learn what ladies would like to participate in. Some were a complete failure, which was okay because we learned, and others were home runs! We have a great plan for the rest of this year and further into the future, and we aim to continue creating amazing experiences for ladies at offroad events. In addition, we developed the Ladies Offroad Garage in coordination with the Fab School and are ramping up to host our first ever Ladies Offroad Convention, an event completely out of the ordinary.

We have taken the time to recognize our successes and failures, and we are excited to launch our Grand Reopening!  Ladies Offroad Network is building the national platform for all Offroad Ladies to be successful: 4x4, Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, RC, etc. We took up residence in the 4x4 market this past year, but we look forward to expanding into the powersports, snow, and RC groups this year. If you love dirt, join us!

We will start Year 2 with these New Opportunities:

Forum - Chat Zone

One of the facts that we learned was the diversity of social media. We all know it, but we may not want to admit it - not everyone is on Facebook! (Crazy, right!?!?) Some people are on Instagram, some despise social media all together, and some don't participate. So, how can we create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome?  We are proud to relaunch our Forum!  chat.ladiesoffroadnetwork.com

This space gives every lady the opportunity to have online conversations with more offroad direction: tech, builds, features, events, contests, kids, camping, outdoor lady, hunting, fishing, range, hiking, biking, offroad news, and a super cool location specific area. There are 4 levels of membership to the network, and it is free to join the conversation.

  • Granite - Free
  • Emerald - $27 yearly
  • Ruby - $57 yearly
  • Diamond - $127 yearly

Each level offers more ways to connect with other members of Ladies Offroad Network.

Join via Paypal  /  Join via Credit Card

With the focus on the forum, we will be shutting down our Ladies Offroad Network Facebook Group Page. However, we still have our Website, Forum, Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube to communicate with you.

Local Leaders Nomination Process

Strengthen Your Local Offroad Community - Nominate a Local Leader

“I have positioned Ladies Offroad Network as a national platform for women to feel comfortable and be successful while enjoying all their offroad activities.  While doing so, I have recognized some amazing women that have been supplying their local offroading communities with opportunities to be empowered, learn skills, and be part of a circle of women that share a common interest. Well, it is an exciting time as our circles now get to grow and interlock. My goal is to help these Local Leaders with tools to be even more successful!  My toolbox is full of information, education, training, and management skills that I want to share with these ladies, so that they can continue to share more with their communities!  Ladies Offroad Network replaces no one, it only helps us all grow together and build a stronger community.” ~ Charlene Bower

What is a Local Leader?

In the terms of Ladies Offroad Network, a Local Leader is an amazing lady that supports and encourages offroaders: women, men, and kids. They are the lady in your offroading circle that you turn to for questions and receive an honest answer, even if that is, “I don’t know, but we can find out.” They are the ladies who are on the trail encouraging other ladies to drive or ride, and including them in their circle. They embrace people and help when needed, allowing them to grow.

A Local Leader can be on the trail with you, she can be a leader on social media, she can be a club member, etc.

Why Nominate a Local Leader?

First, they need to be recognized for being awesome and supporting your group!

Second, Local Leaders will have the opportunity to work directly with Charlene and the Ladies Offroad Network team to source education to answer questions. They will have access to certified trainer information, management options, event packages, event giveaways, print materials, featured articles, and more opportunities in the works! It is our goal to provide a safe environment for these leaders to get the information and assistance they need to be successful.  

How Do You Nominate a Local Leader?

It's easy to nominate a Local Leader! Just download the nomination form and send it back to us!


Email your completed nomination form to Winning@BowerMedia.com

The deadline for the first round of nominations is Monday, June 26, 2017. The first group of Local Leaders will be announced Thursday, June 29, 2017.

Online Tours

We realize that is may all be a little overwhelming for someone jumping on the site for the first time or in a while, and we have added a lot of great features over the last year. So, we are offering you the opportunity to take an online tour of Ladies Offroad Network with Charlene Bower.

Learn about everything Ladies Offroad Network has to offer between our blog, forum, and shop. Charlene has the answers to all your questions! Join her for about an hour tour of all our outlets.

Learn how to:

Spots are limited. Sign Up for Free!


LIVE Announcement


The Ladies Offroad Network website will be the primary host for all information. Our content is still our focus, so we will continue to post offroad articles with tips, tools, skills, how-to's, and more. We will also continue to highlight ladies within the Network. We want to publish your stories, so please be sure to Submit Your Stories - it's easy!

If you would like to see a specific topic or have an article suggestion, please contact us. We are always looking for ways to improve!

Industry Partners Welcome!

We have had a lot of industry partners asking how they can be part of Ladies Offroad Network. It's time! We are ready for you, and appreciate your patience while we built a platform that can add value to your brand at a budget.  

Be part of our unique opportunities:

  • Industry Masters – Title Sponsor an Event + Included in Everything!
  • Industry Leaders – Significant Impression Impact
  • Industry Growth – A La Carte Options
  • Forum Business - $67/mo - Join Now
  • Forum Small Business - $37/mo - Join Now

We look forward to working with you:
Contact Charlene Bower for more information regarding how you can join Ladies Offroad Network.

  • Phone: 480-490-2019 (If no answer, please leave a message.)
  • Email: Charlene@BowerMedia.com
  • Or set up a time to chat

Media First – Everything attached to Ladies Offroad Network has Bower Media backing: Pictures, Videos, Social Media, Graphics, Stories, Press Releases, and more with an eye on emerging channels. Our 2016 Ladies Offroad Network events have proven to produce millions of impressions!

Monthly Giveaways

June 2017 Giveaway

We want to highlight our Partners and give Ladies Offroad Network members the chance to win one of our Partner's products or purchase the product at a discount. We will also be testing and reviewing the product throughout the month. Each month, we will offer a new product giveaway and a new chance to win!

How to Enter:

  1. Visit this page to learn about our latest giveaway.
  2. Log into the forum to enter to win. Reply to this month's giveaway thread. Say something like, "YES! I would love one!"

You must be an Emerald, Ruby, or Diamond Member to enter.
If you would like to upgrade your membership, click here. Visit Your Account, and click on Account Upgrades.


June 2017 Giveaway

Black Forest Fridge Freezer - $649.99 Value!

Drawing: Thursday, June 22, 2017

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