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"Hi! I’m Eirin, I’m from Northern California, grew up in the country, and have been wheelin’ and playin’ in the dirt my whole life! After serving in the Marines, I started a career in construction and transportation. I also served my local community as a firefighter/EMT. After a career ending injury, I returned to school, and now teach diversity and discrimination issues through the university as well as through my own consulting firm. I love to travel, and am so thankful that I’ve been able to meet so many people through this group. Most have become friends, some have become family, and I am looking forward to meeting more of you! I am fiercely protective of my friends and family, I do everything that I can to support others in their quests for personal growth. I really enjoy seeing people find a stronger sense of their own abilities, and being part of helping them grow. I’m single (happily divorced?), and love adventuring! I love getting dirty, riding my Harley, or playing around in my jet boat. There is nothing like going flat out in 4 inches of water! I don’t know… I’m complicated, I really don’t like writing about myself, what I do know, is that working together, people can create positive changes, and I am blessed to be a part of that."

Occupation: Instructor
Birthday: June 4, 1964

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Questions & Answers

Eirin Auld-Ladies Offroad Network MemberAbout Eirin:

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: "You will often hear me say… “Yes…..but does it come in black?” hahaha."

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: "Tacos from Taco Trucks. Sushi is always good too."

Q: Do you have kids? 
A: "I have a 20 year old daughter who I am incredibly proud of. She is a college student, working towards a career as a large animal veterinarian"

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: "Not at the moment."

Q: Do you take your pets off-roading?
A: "When I had pets I have; and I’ve had both good and bad experiences with that"


Eirin Auld-Ladies Offroad Network MemberEirin's Off-Road Facts:

Q: How old were you when you first started wheeling?
"Little… 3? Maybe 4?"

Q: Is your whole family into off-roading?
A: "Some, more into quads and things of that nature, I’ve got the only Jeep. My daughter drives a 4x4 pickup. I have grown a whole family of Jeep girls! Sisters and nieces… everyone calls me “jeepmom”"

Q: Are you usually the driver or the co-driver?
A: "I am virtually always the driver, though I do jump in with others in order to help them increase their confidence."

Q: Do you have any off-road traditions or rituals?
A: "Look pretty play dirty? Really, I try to be over-prepared, just ensure that my vehicle and equipment is ready for whatever may arise."

Q: How often do you get to go off-roading?
A:  "Not as often as I would like, I get in the dirt every month. I try to get out on a trail every couple of months."

Q: How did you get started in the off-road world?
A: "On the mountain trails with my Grand-dad and the desert trails with my step-dad. And then I found the river and mud all on my own, much to their chagrin!"

Q: Where is your favorite place to wheel?
A: "The Sierras, Rubicon, Fordyce, but really, anywhere I can get away. It’s more about who I’m with than where we go. The last couple of trips have been around Joshua Tree and Apple Valley."

Eirin Auld-Ladies Offroad Network MemberQ: Do you belong to an off-road club? Which one? What is their motto/mission?
"I started a group in Northern California, the Gold Country Wheehers"

Q: What is on your off-roading bucket-list?
A: "I'm not sure, but the Rebelle Rally is calling to me. I’d like to put together a trip that covered Fordyce, the Rubicon, and the Dusy in one trip."

Q: How are you active in the off-road world?
A: " I started the group with the intention of involving more women in the sport."


Eirin's Off-Road Stories:

Q: What is your most memorable off-road moment?
A: "Does being upside down count? Really, the friends and family along the way are the most memorable. It’s always about the people you share it with."

Eirin Auld-Ladies Offroad Network MemberQ: What was your first wheeling trip?
A: "My first really memorable trip was to Bodie, California."

Q: What was your longest wheeling trip?
A: "It was 3 days spent on the Rubicon."

Q: What was your favorite wheeling trip?
A: "This is hard, I live in the Sierras, so that makes it really difficult haha. Joshua Tree with Trisha, because it was the beginning of a great friendship, the overlook with Christy (Vamped Offroad) for the same reason. It’s not about where I go, it’s about who I’m with."


All About the Ladies:

Q: Who do you look up to in the industry? Why?
A: "I look up to those who are actively trying to make a difference. What Charlene is creating here is a blessing, but I don’t want to diminish what the local leaders do! They are each in their own way creating something wonderful that we all can share and be part of."

Eirin Auld-Ladies Offroad Network MemberQ: How do you feel as a woman in the offroad industry?
A: "It can be a challenge? But, I love being part of expanding this sport."

Q: Give us a story, any story, about educating, guiding, empowering ladies in the off-road, past or future:
"During my last trip out (just a little trip to Prairie City), rigs started breaking down. The first was electrical, but ok, I got her going again; the second was shifter linkage, ok, no biggie, got her in 4 high so she could keep going, jumped in with a new girl, and showed her what her rig could do. All she had to do was believe in herself and her vehicle, had someone jump in with me to show them how to navigate a tricky climb, and at the end of the day? Made sure everyone made it home safely. Because, that is what we do! We take care of one another."

Q: What changes have you noticed in the off-road industry?
A: "I’ve been in and around this for a very long time. What I see is an amazing transformation from what was almost strictly a “boys club” with a pretty narrow base, into something that women are really making a mark on, broadening the base and becoming more and more family friendly."

Eirin Auld-Ladies Offroad Network MemberQ: What advice do you have for ladies who want to get started off-roading?
A:  "Find a friend and just go! If it’s something you want to do, there are a ton of us that would love to have you come along!"


Eirin's Vehicle:

About Eirin's vehicle:
"I have an 02 TJ. I bought it new, and built it myself over time as budget allowed and breakage required! Inside, all I’ve done is install a full cage and a Powertank, Underneath? 5.5” Rubicon Express Long Arm kit, regeared it to 4.56, “Super 30” front axle kit, with an ARB locker, RockCrusher Dana 60 in the back with an ARB locker, flat belly pan, custom built front bumper carrying a Warn M12000 winch, Hansen rear bumper with a rack system, PIAA fog/flood lights, sitting on 35’s mounted on 8” steel wheels. She’s a simple beast."

Vehicle Name: Wicked

Q: Does your vehicle also serve as a daily driver?
A:  "Yes."

Q: What is the best modification you have done to your vehicle?
A: "Best mod for performance? I’d say lifting it. Except the purpose of the lift is bigger tires, which leads to re-gearing it,  it’s a never ending process. Best mod is probably putting in a full cage. Safety has to come first!"

Eirin Auld-Ladies Offroad Network MemberQ: Do you work on your own vehicle?
A: "Yes."

Vehicle Information:

Vehicle Type: TJ Wrangler X
Year: 2002
Builder: Jeep
Tire Make/SizeCooper 35x12.50 15
Wheel Make/Size: American Racing 8x15 black steel
Front Suspension: Rubicon Express
Front Sway Bar: OEM
Front Shocks: Bilstein
Front Bump Stops: N/A
Rear Suspension: Rubicon Express
Rear Sway Bar: N/A
Rear Shocks: Bilstein
Rear Bump Stops: N/A 
Front Axle Housing: OEM Dana 30
Front Differential/Locker: ARB
Front Axle Shafts: Custom
Front U-Joints: N/A
Eirin Auld-Ladies Offroad Network MemberFront Drive Flanges/Hubs: N/A
Front Brakes: N/A
Front Steering Components: Currie
Rear Axle Housing: Rockcrusher Dana 60
Rear Differential/Locker: ARB
Rear Axle Shafts: Wave cut and cryo’ed
Rear U-Joints: N/A
Rear Drive Flanges: N/A
Rear Brakes: Ford Explorer disc
Rear Steering Setup: N/A
Ring & Pinion Manufacturer & Gear Ratio(s): 4.56
Engine Manufacturer: Chrysler 4.0
Engine Horsepower: not enough lol, she’s getting tired
Engine Torque: N/A
Battery: DieHard
Radiator/Fans: N/A
Exhaust: MagnaFlow
Transmission Make & Type: 5 speed manual
Transmission Adapter: N/A
Transmission Shifter: N/A
Transfer Case(s): N/A
Front Driveshaft: N/A
Rear Driveshaft: N/A
Fuel Cell or Tank: N/A
Fuel System Pumps & Filters: N/A
Body/Interior: Full cage, OrFab front, RockHard rear
Body/Body Panels: N/A
Body Modifications: does trail rash count? Warn rockers
Skid plate/Material: Rubicon Express/steel
Painter Name: N/A
Hood/Grille: N/A
Floors/Firewalls: N/A
Dash/Gauges/Switches: N/A
Steering Column/Wheel: N/A
Pedal Assembly/Cutting Brakes: N/A
Seats/Harnesses: Front: N/A
Lights Interior/Exterior: PIAA fog/floods, RoundEyes headlights
Winches - Front/Rear Brand & Capacity: front Warn M12000, 12,000 lb