The knowledge and real world experience Charlene brought to the table was unsurpassable, and no college or educational institute would be able to offer everything Charlene taught us in those few days. Our business, Black Diamond 4×4, has already had success implementing some of the marketing tips, and we are looking forward to our continued growth as we keep trying more features.

My ideals and goals for Lyft Offroad for the long term have grown and flourished. I just needed to know how exactly I should translate everything that was going on in my mind for my company and use it in the real world to create a thriving business. That’s where the Ladies Offroad Business Training came in. Charlene Bower selected a small group of off-road women that she recognized as being in a similar stage and would benefit from intensive training.

We had a short period of time to go over a TON of information, and Charlene wasted no time at all! There were a lot of topics covered, but Charlene was focused on going in depth on topics that answered specific business questions our group had. Our group consisted of 5 women who are new owners of off-road businesses, and the coolest part, is that we all specialize in something different. So, not only did we get to learn about new companies, but we also got to meet other women who are going through the same struggles and successes.

I have been a part of The Great American Jeep Rally, a charity in CT since 2010, and have been running the event with my husband since 2012. We have also built a tribute Jeep to help raise awareness for our service men and women called the Folded Flag Tribute Jeep. We travel all over the states to bring it to different off-road events. On my ‘off-time’ from promoting our charity event and Jeep, I am a Jazzercise instructor and love traveling with my husband for work. I enjoy wheeling (when I actually get the chance) with our club, playing paintball and speedball. I also love reading and spending time with family and friends.

When this special participation was gifted to my boys and myself, up to that point never in my wildest dreams would I have even considered taking them to this location. They haven’t grown up off-roading. They’ve been slowly, and I mean baby step slowly, going on longer days and more challenging trails for the last 22 months. I wanted this so badly for all of us. I have tried to eliminate the past obstacles that have made the boys uneasy in my preparation.  My lack of personal knowledge of the actual trail has been a hindrance in helping me plan but I’ve been asking questions as best I could when I realized I had one.  I’ve been talking to the boys about expectations and story-boarding what will happen along the way.  Autism likes predictability and routine. This adventure offers neither.

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My adventure actually started back at the end of April 2017 when I kept seeing posts on Facebook from Charlene to apply for the 2017 Ladies Offroad Challenge. I read through the whole thing and wow, my heart came alive when I read about the Achieve Tahoe event held on the famous Rubicon Trail. This particular event hits close to me because it serves the special needs community in a very unique way, and I so wanted to be a part of that.

LGE & CTS Motorsports is all that I really requested from Charlene. I wanted some California style! Paint with metal flake, gold leaf, custom designs, air ride, and hydraulics. There were so many cool vehicles in their shop, which is run by ladies. They had two full functioning paint booths with a mixing room with wild colors. Sara and Theresa had so many answers for a fellow lady in the automotive industry. I learned a great deal about organizing, employment, products, and quality control. They are still reaching out to help us learn. I have plans on doing more pinstriping after they spent time showing us the basics. At the end of the shop tours, we had dinner with Sara and Theresa who were happy to talk about their experiences as ladies in the automotive industry.