Ann Woodward – 2017 Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry
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Ann Woodward – 2017 Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry

Ann Woodward
Port Crane, NY



Selected for Business Training
"Ann started offroading when she was little with her older brothers, and has been driving offroad since she was 16. She had driven road courses, off-roading, drag racing, and anything else she has the opportunity to try. Ann runs BHM Auto Services LLC, and is the president of the Southern Tier Offroad Club at Broome Tioga Sport Center. She also loves to hike, shoot guns,do marketing and meeting new people. Ann and her husband customize and restore vehicles and have 3 Chihuahua's. "
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Tell us about yourself.

I run a small business called BHM Auto Service LLC. in Binghamton, NY. I am also the president of the Southern Tier Off Road Club at Broome Tioga Sports Center in Richford, NY. I have been interested in vehicles since I can remember, I love all that I can do with them! My husband and I have done a few restorations, but not to showroom condition. We customize and build the vehicle how we want to use it. I also love to hike, shoot guns, do marketing, and meet new people. I have 3 Chihuahuas that are like kids to me, we love to walk in the park together. New adventures and traveling is exciting for me.


How long have you been offroading?

I started when I was young, at my family’s farm, logging trees in an old tractor. So, I would say I’ve been off-roading for about 17 years then. About 2 years ago I really started to get active with the Southern Tier Off Road Club 4x4. I was nominated as the President, I am leading our club to the next level. I love it!


How did you get into offroading?

I have been off roading with family and friends for 25 years, but just started rock crawling about 2 years ago. My brothers got me started in off-roading. Taking the big Chevys and Fords through the fields. My friends and I went to Broome Tioga for the Poker Run on February 2016. That is when I became the President of Southern Tier Off Road Club 4x4. That was the start of this amazing adventure.


Tell us about your vehicle:

Patches, a 1984 Toyota 4 Runner TRD with: winch, 35-inch MTR’s, 488 gears, Front Locker rear spool, 4-inch lift, full roll cage, rock sliders, 12-inch travel shocks, hand brake, manual transmission, fuel cell, swivel shackles rear, tube stinger bumper, attachment points front and rear.


What has been your favorite offroad experience?

To be honest, this past Ladies Day at Broome Tioga. Inspiring these ladies was such a reward. All of them were happy and so was I. The ladies that helped me organize the event were truly amazing. Top experience as club President!


What was your most exciting offroad achievement?

First time to Rausch Creek with the Mohawk Valley Mud Crawlers where I went rock crawling for the first time. I did things I never thought was possible. It was an amazing experience, and I really got to know what my truck can do!

What excites you about offroading?

Overcoming obstacles, rocks, mud, hill climbs, and trail riding. Trail prep with a great crew of people, inspiring new off-roaders and helping them when they are in a jam. Planning events, and of course, my off-road family!


What do you think is the most challenging aspect of offroading?

Running events, scheduling venues, and keeping up with everything, also rock crawling.


Which aspect of offroading do you think is the most fun?

Getting to go out with a great group of friends. Inspiring and meeting new people, and their smiles when they make it. Trying out new adventures, and when I have a great event that had a great turn out!


What does prepping for an adventure look like in your world?

Safety checks, suspension, tires, fuel leaks, and fluids, also checking the winch, pacing tools, supplies, and hand radios. When it comes to planning an event it takes marketing, tons of communication and follow up, organizing paperwork, and lots of meetings with the facility and staff/volunteers.


What is on your off-roading bucket list?

MOAB!!!! Also: Joe’s Farm, Mohawk Valley Farm, Thunder Ridge Mountain Climb, a week long off-roading evention, the Rubicon Trail, and the Smoky Mountains.


Tell us about your typical offroading companions:

I go with a lot of different clubs including my club. I also go with my husband, he is my best friend, and my spotter. We do a lot together and feel the most comfortable when he is with me.


What is a piece of advice you have been given that you instill in your offroading adventures?

Never go alone, don’t use a chain, and bring fluids, water, zip ties, duck tape, etc. You can never be over prepared.


Do you have anything else you would like to add?

I love the Ladies Offroad Network and what it stands for, and I would love to help with anything that I can. Thank you for this opportunity!

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